Wet Insulation Removal and Replacement| Downers Grove, Lemont

December 22nd, 2014

With all of the cleaning and maintenance checks that you will be making of your home during spring cleaning, don’t forget to check the attic. This past winter we had some crazy weather and all of the snow and rain may have caused leaks or allowed water to get into your attic space in some way. For many, there isn’t much in the attic besides a little storage and some insulation material, so you may not think that a little water in the attic is big deal. However, here at Four Seasons we want you to know about 2 major problems that wet insulation can cause in your home if you don’t have it promptly removed and replaced.

Problem #1: Heat Barrier Damage

No matter what type of insulation material you have in your attic, water can damage them all both temporarily and permanently. Your insulation is what protects your home from heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. The material is resistant to the transfer of heat, and therefore allows for your heating and cooling systems to work efficiently keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. However, water has the opposite effect. Read the rest of this entry »

Air Cleaner Vs. Furnace Filter| Country Club Hills, River Forest

December 21st, 2014

When it comes to getting the air inside your home clean, many homeowners believe that the furnace filter is getting the job done. These people probably change their cheap fiberglass filters on a regular basis and believe that fancy air purifiers and air cleaners are for germaphobes that fear even the smallest of unseen particles. Well, Four Seasons is here to tell your that just changing the furnace filter on a regular basis is not enough to keep the air in most homes clean, and if you are one of those homeowners that uses cheap fiberglass filters as your replacement, the air in your home is probably much more contaminated than you may even realize.

The Trouble with Furnace Filters

The real problem with furnace filters is that purchasing a high quality filter every month or every 3 months can get very costly very quickly. For many homeowners it is much easier to purchase a stack of cheap thin fiberglass filters and replace them every month. The problem is that these cheap filters, though they may save you a few bucks, do very little to capture particles that float around in the air of your home. In fact the only particles they do catch are large dust particles, and if they catch anything smaller it is due to the fact that the filter is clogged with dust that makes it harder for tiny particles to get through. Read the rest of this entry »

Humidity and Your Air Conditioner| South Holland, Justice, Westchester

December 20th, 2014

Many homes are well equipped with either a whole house humidifier or strategically places portable units. These systems disperse particles of water into the air in order to add moisture to the environment. During the winter months, the furnace tends to dry out the air, and the humidifier becomes a valuable device for maintaining home comfort. However, what many homeowners don’t know is that the humidifier needs to be shut down at the end of every winter season. During a spring air conditioner cleaning from Four Seasons, our servicemen will often shut down these units for our customers and educate them on the importance of keeping these units off until the next winter arrives.

Take a Load Off of the A/C

We do this because excess humidity is not something you want in the air of your home during the summer season. Here in Chicago and all of the surrounding suburbs, the humidity is often about 80% for the majority of the summer season. Humidity is sticky and thick and makes it very difficult for comfort to be achieved. Your central air conditioner works extra hard to remove excess humidity from the air in your home, but your humidifier could be holding it back! The extra humidity will make your air conditioner work twice as hard to keep your home comfortable. In some cases, like with older air conditioning units, the system cannot keep up with the overabundance of moisture and home comfort begins to suffer. Read the rest of this entry »

Premature Use of the Air Conditioner| Hinsdale, Chicago Heights, Lyons

December 19th, 2014

The gloom and doom of winter has left many Chicagoans in a funk. The dreary weather and bitter cold temperatures make it extra hard to drag yourself through life’s many stresses, but luckily, spring has arrived and with it will come a plethora of sun filled days. The warmth of this season will melt into a hot and sticky summer, and the air conditioner will be in full operation nearly 24 hours a day. There are many times when Four Seasons will visit a customer’s home and find a burnt out unit very early in the season. The problem is usually due to running the air conditioner before the weather truly calls for cooling. What many homeowners don’t know is that there are certain temperatures that air conditioner should not run at.

Compressor Safety Vs Your Comfort

Although the weather outside may only be in the fifties, many homeowners find that the sun does a very nice job of keeping the inside of their home much warmer than the outdoors. Passive heating works even better in the spring than it does in the winter, but the only problem is, it may get to warm for comfort.  The extra heat often leads many homeowners to turn on the air conditioner prematurely. As a result, the compressor may suffer damage and lead to an unwanted breakdown. Read the rest of this entry »