The SilentComfort™Solution| Lockport, Chicago Ridge, Darien

October 22nd, 2014

Does your furnace make it sound like there is a freight train barreling through your basement every time you turn it on? If you have or have ever had a noisy furnace in your home, you know the various sounds that your system can make, but luckily, Lennox Home Comfort Systems has solved this very annoying problem once and for all! Their solution is called SilentComfort™ technology, and here at Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning, we offer several Lennox systems that are equipped with this revolutionary advancement in furnace sound control.

How Does SilentComfort™ Work?

Most of the noise complaints that come from operating gas furnaces are the result of noisy burner firing and noisy blower motor operation. By creating innovative insulating enclosures around the burners and the furnace cabinet, Lennox was able to significantly reduce noise produced by the furnace. Furnaces that are equipped with this technology are up to 7 times quieter than competitive models! These systems are virtually silent! Read the rest of this entry »

4 Symptoms of a Cracked Heat Exchanger| Richton Park, Flossmoor

October 21st, 2014

Four Seasons has worked very hard to inform our customers of the dangers associated with having a furnace or boiler with a cracked heat exchanger operating in the home. Homeowners who have their heating system maintained yearly by Four Seasons receive a heat exchanger inspection along with their annual tune-up, but what if there is a crack between visits from your technician? As a proactive homeowner, you need to be able to recognize the symptoms of a cracked heat exchanger in order to protect your family. There are 4 main symptoms that any homeowner can check for periodically during the heating season:

  1. Abnormal Flame: As the furnace gets older, it becomes more and more likely that it will suffer a leak at the heat exchanger. From time to time, you may want to inspect the flame on the furnace or boiler. A proper flame should burn clean, steady, and blue. If the flame in your furnace “dances” or” jumps,” you may have a problem. Also if the flame is yellow or orange in color, cracks in the heat exchanger are also suspected. Read the rest of this entry »

5 Reasons to Get a Maintenance Plan| Oak Lawn, Orland Park, Blue Island

October 20th, 2014

Here at Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning we offer each of our customers what we like to call the Carefree Maintenance Plan. It is basically a maintenance agreement that allows that can be customized to meet the individual customer’s heating and cooling needs. Caring for these appliances in your home is very important, and setting up a maintenance agreement with a reliable heating and cooling contractor like Four Seasons only makes sense when you consider the cost of neglecting these units. However, if you need a little more convincing, here are 5 reasons why you should call Four Seasons today and sign up for the Carefree Maintenance Program:

  1. Never Forget a Cleaning Again: Many of us have trouble remembering what day of the week it is, nevertheless the last time the furnace or air conditioner was cleaned, but under the CMP, we will remind you. Every year you will receive a letter in the mail reminding you of the need to schedule your cleaning.
  2. Lower Prices: Everybody likes to save money, and when you sign up for the CMP you will save a lot of it! 15% off parts and labor as well as reduced service charges will save you big bucks if the system every breaks down. Also, a cleaning and efficiency tune-up is included in the cost of the CMP! Read the rest of this entry »

Do It Yourself Duct Cleaning Disaster| Chicago Heights, Westchester, Harvey

October 19th, 2014

Many of us like to do projects around the home on our own, and having the know-how to complete these projects can save you both time and money. However, there are certain jobs that should only be handled by the professionals, and cleaning the air ducts is one of those jobs. Cleaning the air ducts on your own can cause several problems including:

  • Insufficient Removal of Particles: Most of the sites that offer “do it yourself” duct cleaning tips suggest using your vacuum cleaners hose to remove dust and other particles from the areas of the duct work that you can access. The first problem with attempting to use this technique is the fact that a good portion of the duct work in your home is inaccessible using the 4 foot hose on your vacuum cleaner. That leaves large portions of the duct work untouched and therefore still dirty.
  • Inefficient Removal of Particles: When professional duct cleaners, like those at Four Seasons, clean your duct work, they will hook up a powerful vacuum system that will create negative air pressure within your duct work. As their tools kick up the particles in your air ducts, they are removed from the home safely and efficiently by this vacuum system. When you attempt to use your little vacuums hose, you kick up the particles in the duct work, but have no way to capture them. Suddenly the home is covered in dust and debris from the duct work. Read the rest of this entry »