100 year old furnace

Four Seasons replaces a 100 year old Lennox Furnace that was still operational through all these years.

This furnace was in full working order. (see pictures in the original post) The customer was looking to replace the furnace after over 100 years of service to capitalize on energy saver rebates and to get a more energy efficient model. Originally this was a coal fired furnace. It was later converted to oil and then most recently to natural gas.

While Four Seasons will service any make and model, there is no questioning the reliability of these old Lennox Furnaces.

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25 Responses to “100 year old furnace”

  1. Jeordan says:

    I have used Four Seasons heating in Oak Lawn for years they offer great service on my furnace. Does oak lawn offer utility rebates for new furnaces and do I have to call Nicor gas for the rebate? I was talking to a guy that works for the villiage of oak lawn and he said only that he never heard that oak lawn was offering rebates on heating and cooling. I told him I would call my local heating and cooling company to find out and that when I did I would post it on the Internet under oak lawn furnace repair.

  2. PM says:

    I had an old furnace just like that in oak lawn, my house was one of the first ever built in oak lawn. Were not sure how old our furnace was but man Lennox makes a great furnace. I don’t think there are to many other furnaces in oak lawn that are that old.

  3. larry says:

    I don’t think you will find another furnace around Chicago that is as old as that, I can’t understand why someone would keep a furnace that is this old. I have been all around town and I have never seen a furnace like that. It says a lot about Lennox and the quality of their furnaces. What are the chances that another furnace is as old as this and is it still working? I guess when it comes to old furnaces in Chicago you never can tell.

  4. Paul install mgr says:

    The furnace we installed in place of the 100 year old furnace will help reduce the gas bills by as much as 65 percent. The old furnace took 3 days to remove and will be placed in a museum. The customer was so happy that her new furnace was also a Lennox that she said I will see you guys in 100 years when I need a new furnace. The heating and cooling in her home has improved greatly and she has had several friends come over just to see her new furnace. We are glad that Four Seasons Heating could be a part in finding and replacing this old furnace here in Chicago.

  5. Mike D FURNACE REPAIR says:

    This furnace is so old, what is the cost of a 100 year old furnace back then, it’s so crazy how big this furnace is. The furnace in my house is like 12 times smaller than this furnace. The guy that works on this thing needs a ladder just to look inside LOL. How much did this furnace cost to run, I wouldn’t want to pay the heating bill for this furnace, Chicago winters can get real cold.

  6. Max says:

    Hey Mike D., you would add as much as 65% to your monthly heating bill to get the operating cost of the 100 year old furnace. Not sure what the cost of installation would have been a 100 years ago. This furnace probably started out as a coal burning furnace, then a oil burner and then finally converted the last time to natural gas. Nice museum piece.

  7. Ted H says:

    That is so crazy to see a furnace that old, our new lennox furnace is like 40 inches tall and heats a much larger home for a lot less money. I wonder if my new lennox furnace will last more than 100 years, I hope I live that long to post it. We purchased our new lennox furnace from Four Seasons Heating and we are very happy with the service and prices. They have repaired our heating and cooling equipment for years and always have 24 hour service for heating and cooling.

  8. fred says:

    I live in Oak Lawn and my furnace is so old, can you tell how old it is? What info will you need for me to find out how old this furnace is.

  9. Nell says:

    We live in Oak Lawn, our furnace needed repair and we were also thinking about a new energy star furnace. My husband called Four Seasons heating and cooling of Oak Lawn because we see the furnace repair trucks in Oak Lawn all the time. It seems that these trucks are around the town every day. The furnace man from Four Seasons was very nice and the furnace heating and cooling options he gave us were on Lennox. We had a Lennox furnace for 20 years and the Lennox brand is good. The installation of our furnace was great, they had great furnace prices and the furnace price we were givin was alot lower than other heating and cooling companies. I can tell you, around the town of Oak Lawn, Four Seasons heating cooling is the best.

  10. FRED says:

    The company we use in Oak Lawn is Four Seasons Heating, they offer the best service and installation of furnaces in Oak Lawn. The first time we called Four Seasons Heating of Oak Lawn we had no heat and our furnace would not start so we called them, they have a office I think here in Oak Lawn, I was told to use them because a friend of mine is an inspector for the village of Oak Lawn. Our furnace needed to be changed so we had to pull a permit with the villiage of Oak Lawn and had Four Seasons Heating cooling change our furnace, the job was great we love Four Seasons Heating for all our furnace repairs and service in Oak Lawn.

  11. ted says:

    We also use Four Seasons Heating from Oak Lawn, great service people I had to tell my wife about your post we also talked to the village inspector and he gave us a few names to call about heating and air and one of them was Four Seasons Heating of Oak Lawn how funny is that.

  12. Larry says:

    Had a great experience with Four Seasons Heating and air of Oak Lawn they came out fast prices were fair and my wife is happy what more could I say .The best service and price in Oak lawn is Four Seasons Heating and air of Oak lawn .The furnace has never worked so good and our furnace is like 20 years old we told them when iots time for a new furnace we will call Four Seasons heating of Oak lawn .

  13. Gray says:

    Great service and placement.

  14. bill says:

    What a great furnace we have had a Lennox Furnace and central air unit heating and cooling are home in Oak Lawn for years .The Lennox system we have was installed by Four Seasons heating and cooling of Oak Lawn .The Lennox furnace and central air unit have been working for 20 years with out any issues .The heating and cooling we get from our furnace and air unit are the best .

  15. Larry Z says:

    We need the furnace cleaned and wanted a good company that was local in Oak Lawn so we called Four Seasons Heating and Air conditioning . The service from Four Seasons Heating of Oak Lawn is by far the best the furnace was cleaned and it runs and looks like new we never had such great service from a heating and cooling company Oak Lawn is lucky to have a good furnace company like Four Seasons Heating and Cooling . The next time we need a furnace fixed cleaned or repaired we will be sure to call Four Seasons Heating of Oak Lawn .The best thing about Four seasons was the fact that when we called for a furnace cleaning the tech was at the house in 20 min .The rates for furnace cleaning furnace repair and heating and cooling service from Four Seasons heating and cooling is very reasonable . I will be sure to tell all of my friends about the greatservice and repairs we received from them a local trusted company in oak lawn .

  16. Webmaster says:

    We appreciate your feedback and will make sure to relay it to our service and installation departments.

  17. david says:

    I called four seasons heating and cooling to my home in oak lawn we also had a very old furnace that needed to be fixed we have lived in this home in the village of oak lawn for 50 years .The first furnace we had was one of the few in oak lawn that was natural gas we needed to have the heating and cooling looked at in oak lawn so we called four seasons heating and cooling the oak lawn office is only a few blocks away .The service we get is the best we always have had good luck with them oak lawn will be safe and warm thanks to four seasons furnace repair .

  18. LARRY Wright says:

    We looked in the Oak lawn phone book and found four seasons furnace repair listed under heating and cooling .The tech was at the house in 1 hour and had the furnace repaired in less then a blink of the eye .The tech also lived in Oak Lawn and said ant time you need us you just call we were so happy with Four Seasons heating that we plan on telling everyone that if the furnace ever needs repair you can count on them if you live in Oak Lawn or the other towns .We were happy with the price time frame and level of service we got from them .

  19. Jim G says:

    Great service from four seasons heating of oak lawn we needed to have a furnace repair at the rental home we have in oak lawn so we called four seasons heating .The tech was nice and he was able to take care of us first thing in the morning .We have used four seasons heating of oak lawn for all of the furnace repairs we need .The first furnace repair we had was to replace the blower motor .The other time was because we had a bad smell .The best furnace repair guys will be Four seasons heating cooling of oak lawn .

  20. Gino says:

    We live in Oak Lawn and the furnace needed to be replaced we called Four Seasons Heating of Oak Lawn .The sales person was very nice and he new his stuff .I called Four companies all from Oak lawn to give us a price on repairing or replacing the old furnace .Two of the companies were not even any good.I was so happy that we called Four Seasons Heating of Oak Lawn and the old furnace is gone and the new furnace is great .We can’t wait for them to install a new Ac .

  21. Karen says:

    My mother has lived in Oak Lawn for over 50 years and I think the furnace is as old as the house .I told her we should get it cleaned up and have a furnace tune up to be sure it was safe .The tech from Four Seasons Heating of Oak Lawn was very nice he took the time to answer all of my mothers questions and she has quite a few .The tech never got mad as my mom asked question after question for 30 minutes .The furnace was old just like I had figured and we decided that since my mom moved to Oak Lawn they never changed the furnace .I told Four Seasons Heating to go ahead and change the furnace .I was very happy with the job and the new furnace is great I look forward to working with Four Seasons Heating of Oak LAWN .

  22. Terry C says:

    We needed to replace a old furnace in Oak Lawn and the time was right be ause of the energy tax credits like $1500 cash back.I called Four Seasons Heating of Oak Lawn and they came out to see the furnace he looked at the duct work took some notes and called us back with the quote .I was happy with the installation and the people from Four Seasons of Oak lawn had the best value .I had several friends that live in Oak Lawn who also purchased a furnace from Four Seasons .

  23. Gerit says:

    Had a new furnace from four seasons was very happy they were in Oak Lawn for years .The service is second to no one if you need a furnace repair service or anything to do with heating .I will use them for all my furnace needs such nice people you cant go wrong with four seasons heating of Oak Lawn for furnace repair .

  24. bret says:

    Great service In Oak LAWN the guys at four seasons heating and furnace repair of oak lawn were the best .I needed to have the furnace replaced and the crew did the job .I had called for my home heating furnace repair because I needed to have the furnace fixed .I looked for a heating and cooling company in the Oak Lawn area and these were the guys .I had a tech at my home in Oak Lawn to look at the furnace he could not repair the furnace it was to old the heating and cooling unit was like 100 years old furnace .

  25. joe says:

    The furnace we have in our house in oak lawn is like so old we called a heating and cooling company to come out and fix the heat .I was happy that we called Four Seasons Heating of Oak Lawn the people were very nice and having a local company do the work is very important to us the heat has never been better .The new furnace heats the house great and were going to see how the cooling works also .If you live in or around oak lawn Four Seasons heating is the company for furnace repairs or heating repairs or cooling repair just the best in oak lawn .