24 hour Furnace Repair

This winter you will see pretty much every HVAC contractor claiming they have 24 hour furnace repair or boiler repair.  The issue is that 24 hours has a different meaning to different companies and finding out that a companies idea of 24 hour service is different then yours in the middle of night is not the right time.The majority of HVAC companies seem to fall into variations of these mentalities

  1. Forward phones after hours to answering services or answering machines at night
  2. Companies with few employees and have to have customers frequently wait to be scheduled for repairs
  3. Companies  who charge extra for after hour support if they offer it at all

The first two leave you out in the cold with needless delays and the last give you an unexpected surprise.  Let’s face it, if you have to wake up in the middle of the night because your furnace or boiler stopped working.  The last thing you want to do is deal with a run around.  Not only that, delays in getting your equipment serviced leave your family and home at risk.  Just one burst water line could cause you thousands of dollars in repairs!

At Four Seasons we believe in customer service and doing everything in our power to keep your family and home safe.  We staff our facility around the clock.  When you call Four Seasons, no matter what time of night, you will talk to a Four Seasons employee on site at our main office.

Four Seasons also strives to do the little things to help protect your home and investments.  We keep tight inventories of our service trucks, keep a large warehouse stocked with commonly needed parts, and have agreements with large parts warehouse companies for special after hour access to make every effort to have the right parts when they are needed.  We do all of this at no additional charge and all of the work is performed by one of the nations highest rated HVAC companies.

If you don’t believe us, try us out.  Give us a call today!

For all the right reasons, Four Seasons!

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7 Responses to “24 hour Furnace Repair”

  1. Jeff C says:

    Well where should I start, first it’s Thanksgiving day and we started cooking for our family of 30 guests at like 8:30 am. The house always gets so hot, we have 2 ovens up stairs in our kitchen we live in a large tri level in oak lawn. So every thing was going great until like 8:30 pm when every one had left the house and it felt kind of cool so I had went to the thermostat that I had shut off because I knew how hot it would get with all the people and cooking. So we decided to go up to bed and watch TV we were beat from a long day,about two hours later I got up to look at the temperature in the house because I still felt cold, my wife was sleeping and I woke her up to tell her that it was 66 in the house and the heat didn’t turn on. I went down in the basement to check it and the furnace would not start. I told my wife and she went to get the phone book we called 7 places and all of the ads read 24 hour service one hour response bla bla bla bla bla it was all B.S. when some one answered the phone they didn’t seem like they wanted to come over and fix it one guy said try calling some one else he had a few drinks already he said. I called my son who is an electrician to come over and look at it and he couldn’t figure it out he told me that I should try Four Seasons Heating, that he has worked with them before so we looked them up on the computer and called and spoke with Mary a very nice lady she had Bart at my house in less than a hour and my furnace was fixed. I had blown a transformer, I can tell anyone that I called around looking for a heating and cooling company and no one has true 24 hr service except Four Seasons Heating.

  2. Mike D FURNACE REPAIR says:

    How often around Chicago do you think a furnace breaks? It seems that every where I look I see a furnace repair truck driving in Chicago. In and around Chicago how many furnaces are there, like 6 million I would guess if only 10 percent of the furnaces in town that broke down then that would keep quite a few heating and cooling company’s busy. The needs of the consumer in Chicago are great I would think that when the weather around Chicago drops it has to get busy for all of the heating and cooling company’s. How many heating and cooling company’s are located around Chicago. I can’t even count how many people need home heating repair around town.

  3. Mr town says:

    I needed to have my furnace in a rental home I have in Chicago repaired, the furnace is very old. I have 10 homes around the city of Chicago that could all use some furnace work. The one home in Chicago was around Stickney like accross the street I looked for a local heating and cooling company only to find Four Seasons heating and cooling in my phone book. The tech was very nice and fixed the furnace in a hour or so, the prices were fair. I asked if one day he would drive through Chicago with me and help clean and check all the furnaces he said sure call my office and they will set it up. They made it very easy for me to service all of the furnaces I have.

  4. David R says:

    We like it in Chicago and wanted to find out when you have a furnace cleaned in Chicago do you have to pull a permit. Our condo assoc is based in Chicago and they told us any heating repair or replacement in Chicago had to have a permit from a liscensed heating and cooling contractor. I called the city of Chicago to ask about furnace repair, installation and cleaning and all I ever had happen was a on hold mesage. I asked our condo president for the Chicago office keeps telling us any heating or cooling or furnace work we must have a permit and he won’t give any more info. We have over 124 units in the building and they all have seperate heating and cooling furnaces that we would like to have all the furnaces tuned up and cleaned please advise what are the rules in Chicago for furnace cleaning.

  5. Nell says:

    Great people they fixed my furnace in 2 hours and had it running like a champ the service on are furnace was great we had no issues at all thank god for four seasons heating furnace repair. We could have called anyone I’m so glad we called them great service repair and prices for furnaces in Chicago of all the heating and cooling companys we got lucky and called four seasons heating thank god once again for four seasons heating of Chicago

  6. Hey…thanks for that. Fantastic post. I’ll be coming back tomorrow for more updates. Cheers!

  7. A Good Read…

    Very helpful info thanks…