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Ever notice how most warranties don’t really cover much? In theory they seem to offer the protection that you need for your major investments, but when it comes time to actually take advantage of the benefits, it is nearly impossible to do so. Well, not with Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning! We are known for offering some of the best warranty coverage in town, and we don’t stop at just covering repairs. As always, we take it a couple steps further than you might expect from an HVAC company, and the feature of our warranties that we are talking about today is the 24 Hour Service Guarantee!

Coverage When You Need it the Most!

So, what is the 24 Hour Service Guarantee? You may already have heard that Four Seasons is a 24 hour service company, but that is a benefit we offer to every customer, whether or not the purchase a system from us. This guarantee is so much more! It basically states that if your warranty covered Four Seasons furnace or air conditioner breaks down and we cannot fix it within 24 hours, we will put you up in a hotel! Yes, you read that right! No matter what time of day you call, or how busy we may be, this aspect of your warranty is always in place during extreme emergencies.

Keeping You and Your Family Comfortable

Now, it is not at all common for people to have to use this guarantee because we will do everything to have that unit fixed as soon as possible. We will hunt down parts and work overtime, just to make sure that you and your family rest in comfort in your home. However, there are times when things go wrong and for one reason or another, the unit in your home cannot be fixed within that 24 hour window. That is why we offer to put you up in a hotel.

Consider Four Seasons

Everyone has their reasons for needing a comfortable home, and we don’t want a broken HVAC system compromise those needs. So, if you are considering purchasing your next furnace of air conditioner from Four Seasons, keep this guarantee in mind, and we promise that you will be hard pressed to find a better offer anywhere in town!

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