After Hours Repair Service for Calumet City, Matteson, and Oak Lawn

It is 2 o’clock in the morning on Christmas day. You wake up shivering in the middle of the night and realize it is because the furnace has stopped working. You check the thermostat, circuit breaker, and furnace, but still no luck getting the heat to turn back on. As you check on your family, you pile on extra blankets for the children and consider putting up with the cold temperatures at least until the sun is up. But, you have guests coming over to celebrate the holiday at noon and it would probably put a damper on the party if everyone was wearing hats and gloves during Christmas dinner. So, what do you do?

The answer is simple, CALL FOUR SEASONS! When Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning claims that they have 24 hour service, 365 days a year, they mean it. The sooner you call the sooner we can get your heat back up and running. No matter what time of day, what holiday, or what kind of problem you are having, Four Seasons has a live person for you to talk to when you call, and a technician in your area waiting to be dispatched.

What about extra cost?

At Four Seasons we understand that you have absolutely no control over when the furnace breaks down. Even if you perform your yearly maintenance, change your filter, and take good care of the unit, there is still no guarantee that the unit won’t break-down, and it always seems to breakdown during “non-work” hours of the day. Your furnace doesn’t operate on a 9-5 schedule, so neither does Four Seasons.

Many companies charge extra fees or increase their prices when you request service after-hours. These are also the types of companies that don’t even offer services on weekends or holidays! Not at Four Seasons. No matter when you call us out for service, there is never an extra charge for nights, weekends, or holidays. We live and work in the city of Chicago, and we know how cold these winters can get. The last thing we want is our customers waiting until Monday morning to fix their heat just so that they can save a few bucks.

Why should a repair cost more just because it was performed at 2 in the morning? It shouldn’t, and Four Seasons pledges to never charge extra for our services when you need us the most. That wouldn’t be fair, and that wouldn’t be honest. Remember Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning the next time you have an inconvenient furnace break-down and you will see our dedication to customer service in action.

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