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Purchasing a new air conditioner is a hefty investment for any homeowner, yet many do little to protect this investment. Odds are you spent a couple thousand dollars or more on a unit that will sit on the outside of your home. There it is vulnerable to attack by both nature and thieves. However, there is a way to protect your system, and Four Seasons can help you put it into place.

Nature Vs Your Air Conditioner

The summer season is known to bring very strong thunderstorms to the Chicagoland area. With these storms come fallen branches, trees, and other debris. Unprotected condensers are vulnerable in this type of weather because all it takes is one heavy branch to land on the a/c and suddenly the air conditioner is destroyed. It happens every year, and system replacement is often the only way to restore cooling to these homes.

Criminals Vs Your Air Conditioner

As summer begins, air conditioner thefts will be on the rise. Copper prices are skyrocketing, and for some criminals, taking your air conditioner is just too easy to pass up. Within five to ten minutes, a thief can dismantle your air conditioner and leave only high voltage wires behind. However, if you take the efforts needed to protect the unit, you will make thieves think twice before risking an attempt at your air conditioning unit.

Protecting Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioner cages installed by Four Seasons are the best way to protect your air conditioner this summer and for many summers to come! They fit securely over your condensing unit and their design does not impede air flow in any way. You can rest assured that with one of these cages in place at your home, your air conditioner will be well protected from both nature and criminals. Get your air conditioner ready for this summer season and get on the phone with Four Seasons NOW!

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3 Responses to “Air Conditioner Cages| Mount Prospect, Glencoe, University Park”

  1. Dacey says:

    Air conditioner cages are very helpful to save your ac from nature and criminals.Criminals cannot easily take out your ac and the varying season will not affect your ac

  2. Currently the prices of scrap metal are four times their previous values, which has re surged the illegal market of Copper Theft. So the security of AC has become a big issue. The theft of Ac can be prevented by using the Air Conditioner cages.

  3. nalysale says:

    Secure condition units from copper theft with air conditioner cages.A security alarm used on an air conditioner that sounds when refrigerant lines are cut, power is lost to the unit, or electrical wires are cut and a big help in AC security.

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