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This week, the summer heat has brought many people to Four Seasons looking not only for service on their air conditioners, but also for air conditioner protection. We have mentioned in the past how burglars target air conditioning units for their copper, and whether it’s due to the fact that these crimes have been on the rise or some other factor, air conditioner security cages are a hot buy so far this summer!

Get Real Protection and Security for Your A/C

You need to be careful that the cage you purchase will actually provide protection for your system! The major flaw with these cages is that they often don’t cover the entire system or fit properly and securely. What is the point of purchasing a cage that can be removed from the system with the slightest effort? If you want more than just an illusion of protection, come to Four Seasons for your air conditioner security cage this summer!

Benefits of a Four Seasons Security Cage

Some of the benefits of choosing Four Seasons for your cage installation include:

  • Custom fit for your specific make and model
  • Fully welded and secure steel
  • Fully enclosed cage design
  • Removal is possible for yearly maintenance and servicing checks
  • Often installed within 48 hours four the Four Seasons Home Services division
  • Fully primed and painted to prevent rusting
  • Can be installed on any surface including concrete, patios, gravel, dirt, and grass

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  1. Dacey says:

    AC protection is very necessary because our AC are mostly installed outside so there are more possibilities of stealing AC.So for AC protection AC security cage is well suited and it helps to protect our AC not only from thieves but from nature also.

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