Be a Smart Consumer

Chicago has over 6,000 heating and cooling contractors! How do you choose one and how can you be sure it is honest and reputable?

The first thing I want to point out is that there are many honest hard-working heating and cooling contractors in Chicago and that it’s just a handful of crooks that give our industry a black eye.  That being said, that handful can do a lot of damage if you don’t catch them early on.

If you use the phone book or internet, be careful they are good tools, but you need to look deeper then just looking at an ad.  Your access to information is very limited and some unscrupulous people know what to say in their ad to get you to call them.

Take the time to look in the phone book and use the internet to research them.  If you have an older phone book as well as a new phone book, look to see if the company you are considering had an ad in the old book as well as the new one.  This will give you some idea that they are not a brand new business.

On the internet, check handy resources like,, and the Better Business Bureau.  These sites all have ratings from consumers who have used these companies in the past.  Yelp and Yellow Pages use the star rating and AngiesList and BBB use a grade rating; F+ – A+.

While on the internet, look up the company’s address and plug it into Google maps.  You can often use this to see there building with out driving there.  You will be surprised how many of these companies work out of their homes; but have a professional looking website.  You can also ask them for an appointment to visit their office or showroom.

Of course, if they work out of their home they will tell you “sorry, we don’t have a showroom”, or they will say, “sorry, we’re out of the office taking care of customers and no one will here.”  If they won’t let you see their operations then stay away from them.

I’m sure like most people you are very busy and this sounds like a lot of work when you just want to buy a new furnace, but I’m sure you also work very hard for your money and a furnace is an investment that will be with you for many years to come.  A little research into which you’re going to use will go a long way and pay off in the long run.

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6 Responses to “Be a Smart Consumer”

  1. ED S says:

    Take the time to look into who you’re going to use for heating and cooling, buy the better furnace and you will be happy you did. Four Seasons heating and air is a great company, all of my friends recommend them for new furnaces and service repair. Our furnace is great on gas and has a great guarantee on all parts and labor, I think this will be the last furnace we buy.

  2. old furnace Oak Lawn says:

    The question I have is will a new furnace run more or less than our old one and will you haul away the old furnace around Oak Lawn, you can’t goof around, the town is very strict and I don’t want to get stuck with my old furnace. Will the new furnace save on gas and will they need more repairs because they have more parts than my old furnace? How will the new furnace affect my heating and cooling bills? Will it help with our electric bill and will it heat and cool differently.

  3. Mike D FURNACE REPAIR says:

    I have called 4 different heating and cooling companys from around Chicago and found out that furnace prices vary. Do you think that the different prices I received from in Chicago were so different because of the brand or just that different heating and cooling companys around Chicago charge different prices. The brands of furnaces that I have prices on are Trane, Rheem, Ruud, Lennox, York, Carrier, Bryant, Goodman, Armstrong, Heil and American Standard. I can buy these furnaces from any dealer around town but which brand furnace should I purchase. I like Lennox furnaces, Trane furnaces, carrier furnaces, Bryant furnaces and American Standard. In Chicago is one brand furnace better than the other? What brand furnace should I use in Chicago.

  4. Terry M says:

    I can take all the guess work out of who you should call when looking for heating and cooling service repair or replacement. For the past 25 years I have been in the property management business and have had to deal with every type of contractor you can imagine. I have stories that you would not believe and I can tell you that for heating and cooling service repair or installation you cant beat Four seasons heating.
    From the owners all the way down to the parts guy are all a class act. We have had at on time 5 different heating and cooling companies servicing are buildings and we have switched to using just four seasons heating. I cant tell you how professional and on time as well as reasonable prices they have. If your in Chicago or the Chicago area and you need heating or cooling work done, you owe it to your self to call four seasons heating and cooling of Chicago.

  5. Leo says:

    I had no idea that Chicago had that many heating and cooling contractors, there’s like one on every corner. I can tell you to keep up the good work, my mom refered me to Four Seasons and I have been very happy with your service, the furnace man took his time when cleaning my furnace and I have never seen anyone take the entire unit apart and clean it all.

  6. Stan P says:

    So very very true, I worked for the yellow pages and I can tell you that heating and cooling companies are always going out of buisness and that the books change every year. Our most popular book was Chicago and under heating contractors, boilers and chicago furnace repair you will see what I was talking about. These companies come and go if you have an old phone book look under furnace boiler or heating contractor and you will see what I’m talking about. Chicago is the 4th largest market for furnace repair and installation and heating service, we have tons of homes in Chicago that need furnace repair and you can see what I have found in the phone book under heating repair Chicago.