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Homeowners across Chicagoland are looking for quick and easy ways to save money on their heating bills this winter. Many have invested money in new systems, improved insulation, and other energy efficient home improvements, but others want to save money without having to spend money. We honestly can’t blame them, but it is extremely important to know what you are doing before you make a change that could damage your furnace or your home. One such change involves closing off registers or vents in rooms that are not used very frequently.

Restricting Furnace Air Flow

When you close off registers to certain rooms in the home you can run into a few problems. The main problem is caused when you close off too many registers in the home, and this can happen inadvertently as well. If you close more than 30% of the registers, you could start chocking the furnace. Your furnace needs a certain amount of airflow to run properly, and when you close off registers, you deny the furnace some airflow. A bed, dresser, or other piece of furniture placed too close to a register or over one could also lead to airflow problems in your furnace. This could lead to premature part failure and overheating of the system. In the end you would pay more on your energy bills because the furnace would have to work harder to heat the remaining rooms in the home.

Plumbing Put at Risk!

The second problem encountered by closing vents in the home is related to the plumbing. Yes, the plumbing can be affected by closing registers. This happens when the room that is closed off also has vital plumbing lines within it. During a particularly cold winter night here in Chicago, you would face the possibility of frozen pipes in that part of the home. Many times the surrounding rooms can keep the pipes warm enough, but close off too many rooms and you could find yourself with burst pipes one winter morning. The cost of cleanup will negate any saving you may have made.

Save Money the Safe Way

If you want to save money this winter on your heating bills, you would be better off leaving the registers open and simply having a furnace cleaning performed. Often times a furnace tune up can improve the efficiency of the furnace to a point where you don’t have to sacrifice comfort in your home in order to save some money. If you have never had the furnace tuned up before, give a shot this year and get on the horn with Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning now!

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