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As of the year 2007 it became an Illinois law that every home must have carbon monoxide detectors installed. Nevertheless, many households have yet to comply, and of those that have installed detectors many have allowed them to fall into disrepair over the years. Among the appliances in your home that can leak carbon monoxide, furnaces and boilers that are poorly cared for are often the source of this deadly gas. Yearly cleanings performed by professionals are the best way to keep your system in check. But, accidents do happen, and that is why carbon monoxide detectors are so crucial to your family’s safety in the home.

Here at Four Seasons, we understand the importance of encouraging homeowners to install and maintain their carbon monoxide detectors. These are some CO detector maintenance checks that you and your family should be performing on a regular basis:

  • Install detectors within 10 feet of every sleeping area in the home, on every floor of the home, and near an attached garage. Do not install detectors too close to furnace, boiler, or other combustion appliance to prevent false readings.
  • Keep detectors away from humid areas such as bathrooms to prevent damage to the CO sensor on the detector.
  • Test detectors weekly according to manufacturer’s directions.
  • Change batteries at least yearly, and if a detector is making a chirping noise, do not remove batteries until you have new batteries to replace the old ones. Never leave a detector off without batteries.
  • If the detection system is hard wired into the homes electrical circuit, you may want to have a professional from Four Seasons Home Services maintain the system for you.
  • Vacuum the detectors at least twice a year to remove any dust that may clog the sensor.
  • Pay attention to lifespan on detectors packaging. These devices usually need to be replaced every five to seven years if not sooner.

Additional Prevention

There is always more that you can do to keep your home free from carbon monoxide, and Four Seasons can help. A yearly maintenance tune-up from Four Seasons includes a professional heat exchanger inspection. During the inspection, our technician will make sure that your furnace or boiler’s heat exchanger is free from cracks and rust. Also, they will make sure that the combustion gas vent coming from your furnace or boiler is free from debris and damage.

If you live in one of those households that have yet to install detectors, Four Seasons can still help you out! At Four Seasons Home Services, we install high quality smoke and carbon monoxide detection devices that come in both battery-powered and hard wired designs. With one of these systems in your home that is properly maintained, you can rest assured that you and your family will remain safe and secure this heating season in Chicago.

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