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We all know that we should be doing yearly maintenance checks on our heating and cooling equipment, but we don’t always do them. We get caught up in our busy day to day lives and caring for these units properly gets pushed to the back-burner. However, you are in luck. The Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning Carefree Maintenance Program (CMP) takes the hassle out of caring for your heating and cooling equipment and their accessories, and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg to do so. In fact, the CMP will save you money! With the winter season rapidly approaching, there hasn’t been a better time to get your units back in shape to handle the extreme weather that Chicago is sure to experience.

What can be covered?

The Four Seasons Carefree Maintenance Program allows you to choose how much of how little coverage you want. First look at the types of units you have in your home. Figure out which of those units you would like Four Seasons to maintain and for how long. Four Seasons covers both main components of your HVAC system and accessories, and we offer 1 year and 2 year coverage plans. Customize the plan to meet your family’s needs. The systems that can be covered under the CMP include:

Benefits Included in the Carefree Maintenance Program

The Carefree Maintenance Program is so much more than just a tune-up for your heating and cooling equipment. This plan takes care of both your yearly maintenance and repair service needs.

  • Precision Tune-ups- The Four Seasons Precision Tune-up can be performed on the furnace, boiler, or air conditioner. It is a 20+ point cleaning and maintenance check of the system that has many benefits when performed on a yearly basis. Having your yearly tune-up done can keep the unit running at a high efficiency, lower energy bills, extend the life of the system, and prevent system failures. This service also comes with our No Breakdown Guarantee. If you have a problem with your system after having a precision tune-up, Four Seasons will return to your home for free!
  • 15% off Parts and Labor- Breakdowns are an unfortunate part of owning heating and cooling equipment, and they can often become rather costly. Our preferred customers under the CMP will receive an extra 15% off the parts and labor for any repair performed on a unit covered by this service agreement.
  • No Service Charge with Repair- When you call for repair on a unit covered by the CMP, there will be no service charge for our technician to come out to your home when you go with the repairs that are recommended. As an added benefit, you will also be protected from inflation of service call fees.
  • Lifetime Guarantee on Parts and Labor- Have you ever had a new part go bad on your unit a few months after the warranty had expired? It is almost painful to have to pay for the same repair again, but with the CMP, this problem could be eliminated. Under this program, any parts or labor that is performed on your units will be covered for life as long as the units are covered by the Carefree Maintenance Program.
  • First Pound of Freon is Free- When your air conditioner is covered by the Four Seasons CMP, you will receive a free pound of Freon if your unit is low on refrigerant.
  • Priority Service and No Extra Charge for Nights, Weekends, and Holidays- This benefit gives you the peace of mind that whenever you need Four Seasons we will be there for you. You will receive priority service even during our most busy times of the year, and it won’t cost you a penny extra!
  • The Exclusive Bonus Dollars Club- Every consecutive year that you sign up for the CMP, you will earn $50 towards the purchase of a new heating or cooling system. You could end up getting up to $500 off, and this can greatly reduce the investment needed to purchase new heating and cooling equipment.
  • Fully Transferable- If you happen to move in the middle of your program, you can take the program with you! As long as you move within our service area, Four Seasons will still honor the remaining benefits on your CMP in your new home.

Taking part in the Four Seasons Carefree Maintenance Program will give you the peace of mind that your home will be comfortable year round. Breakdowns always seem to happen at the most inconvenient times. But, this program eliminates the panic that comes from unwanted system failure, because no matter when it happens, Four Seasons is there 24hrs a day and 365 days a year to handle your problem. The CMP will add up to huge savings not only from the benefits included but also in energy savings because your units will be running cleaner and more efficiently than ever! Call Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning today to learn more about how the Carefree Maintenance Program can benefit your heating and cooling systems.

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2 Responses to “The Carefree Maintenance Plan| Alsip, Evergreen Park, Dolton”

  1. LARRY Wright says:

    Wow sounds great we would love to have a service plan on the furnace and the central air I would love to have the same tech come over for the inspection that fixed the furnace .Could we have the water heater and boiler checked also .I have a home in crestwood also and would like to have the furnace in crestwood checked .I wish all towns were like crestwood they give most of the property tax back to us .Does four seasons heating have a office in crestwood and can I have the same tech that repaired the furnace at my home in oak lawn .The drive to crestwood for furnace repair is not that much longer then oak lawn .I think the tech said he could ask his boss if it would be ok .We just like this young man verry much and he is the best in the biz.

  2. I’m so happy you wrote us. Four Seasons service plan saved lots of our customers tons of money this past summer. Sure a clean AC runs more efficiently than a dirty one, but with this record heat this summer our service plan kept countless AC units from overheating and failing due to plugged and dirty coils and other maintenance problems. Sad to say some people called us too late and their equipment failed.
    Our service tech covers the entire Chicago land area every day. We can arrange for your favorite tech to be your equipment manager, that way you will never have to worry again about who is working on your equipment. Give us a call and we can answer all your questions and get you set up with our maintenance program.