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Save Money, Give Up Nothing

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

When people think about saving money, their next thought is usually “What am I going to have to give up?”  That’s a normal reaction but I’m here to tell you, saving money doesn’t always have to be painful.

I’m going to show you how to save a substantial amount of money every month without giving up a thing or changing your lifestyle.  No brown bag lunches. No bicycle rides to work.  No do-it-yourself haircuts (bet you’re glad to hear that!). You won’t have to change anything at all.

Saving money is easier than all that. All you have to do is find something you’re wasting and stop wasting it. In your case, that “something” is electricity. And the biggest “waster” of electricity may be your air conditioning system. (more…)

East Coast Heat Wave Remind Us Why A/C Is So Important?

Monday, April 21st, 2014

The past week has been extremely difficult for folks on the East Coast as the recent heat wave has made it very uncomfortable and in some situations dangerous. Commuter trains, city libraries, hospitals and nursing homes have had issues with air conditioning malfunctions or lack of adequate air conditioning. This situation has been particularly hard on senior citizens and those with health problems. Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick lives in a home with no air conditioning. Reading the articles and watching news reports of the East Coast heat wave we begin to recognize how important air conditioning is not only to our comfort but also as a quality of life issue. (more…)

A/C Tune Ups – Now Is A Good Time

Sunday, April 20th, 2014

Conventional wisdom says just prior to the summer season starting you should have your central air conditioner looked at by a qualified HVAC contractor to perform a clean & check or air conditioner tune up.  While that is sage advice don’t think that the time to act has passed you buy. Listen up, we’re less than a month into summer and even though it’s been extremely hot and you’ve been using your A/C for a couple of months you can still schedule an air conditioning cleaning. (more…)

Spring A/C Inspections and Cleanings

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

If your A/C unit needs to be cleaned and inspected this Spring one of the questions you my be asking yourself is  – What if my central air conditioning system uses R-22 refrigerant?  Well, existing central air units using R-22 can still use R-22 and be serviced with R-22. You can choose to retrofit your unit to use a substitute, but some changes to your air conditioning system will still need to be made to ensure it will work properly. R-410A is not allowed in retrofits due to its higher working pressures.

New air conditioning systems use R-410A; R-410A is manufactured and sold under various trade names, including GENETRON AZ-20®, SUVA 410A®, Forane® 410A, and Puron®. If you choose to use a substitute refrigerant consult a qualified HVAC company that uses EPA certified repair technicians and installers who know how to properly handle refrigerants.

You may also look to purchase a new air conditioner in the future, new units use R-410A refrigerant which is non-ozone depleting and will save you money due to its increased energy efficiency.