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Top 8 Areas to Clean During Spring! | New Lenox, Matteson, Joliet

Friday, December 12th, 2014

When putting together your spring cleaning list, you may quickly becomes overwhelmed by the large number of items that need to be scrubbed, mopped, organized, and polished, and it may be tempting to leave a few items off the list just for the sake of your time and your sanity. However, Four Seasons has come up with a list of the top 8 areas of the home that must be on your spring cleaning list. For those that don’t have the extra time to get these jobs done, Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning and Four Seasons Home Services can complete these projects quickly and efficiently so you can get back to enjoying the new season.

The Top 8 Checklist:

1.       The Air Conditioner: The air conditioner is going to be the unit that sustains comfort in your home for the next several months. Getting the system to operates efficiently and reliably requires a thorough professional cleaning and tune-up. At Four Seasons we offer a certified 20 + point cleaning that will get rid of the debris from winter and prepare your unit for the long hot summer ahead.
2.       The Lawn and Yard: After being buried under several feet of snow for much of the season, your lawn and landscape are probably in desperate need of rejuvenation. The Four Seasons Home Services division has a crew of servicemen who can get your yard looking beautiful in no time at all. Get a jump on spring and have Four Seasons clean everything from your gutters to your deck. (more…)

Green Friendly Tax Returns| Flossmoor, Blue Island, La Grange

Saturday, December 6th, 2014

In a matter of weeks, many of us will be receiving our tax returns from the state and from the government. With all of the programs and credits that were offered this past year, you are probably expecting a pretty hefty check. Many people may already have an idea in mind for where they plan on spending their return. Whether you plan to splurge and spend your return on the latest electronics or if you simply want to put the money away to save, both are good ideas, but Four Seasons has another suggestion that you may want to consider. How about using that money to invest in your home? Making your home more energy efficient truly will make your tax return stretch further than you could have ever imagined, and Four Seasons can help you make it happen.

Smart Green Improvements:

  • New Furnace and Air Conditioner: If the furnace and air conditioner are over ten years old, you could save big by upgrading your systems. When you have them installed by Four Seasons, our serviceman will show you exactly how you can get the most savings out of your new systems. From the high-tech programmable thermostat to the intricate operation of the new systems, you will be impressed by both the savings and the comfort created by your new heating and cooling units from Four Seasons. (more…)

Passive Homes: The Future of Home Heating| Steger, Lombard, Riverside

Sunday, November 30th, 2014

Have you ever heard of a passive house? Unless you are an energy buff you probably haven’t, but these homes may be the homes of the future. These homes have already gained massive popularity in Europe and other parts of the world, and the concept has recently reached our shores as well. Passive homes are truly revolutionary because they don’t rely on a furnace for home heating, and yet they stay incredibly comfortable. These homes are not only energy efficient, but they employ several alternative heating and cooling methods to keep costs down and comfort up.

Super thick insulation, well placed windows, an ingenious ventilation system, and a wood pellet stove work together to keep these homes comfortable, and although you may not be able to achieve this high level of efficiency without rebuilding your home, you can still take advantage of energy savings in your home with the help of Four Seasons.

Improving Your Efficiency

  • Energy Assessment: Having your home professionally assessed by Four Seasons is the first step towards making energy efficient improvements. Once you know where your home is most inefficient, Four Seasons can help you improve the situation. Whether your need is for a new furnace or air conditioner or if you have leaks that need to be sealed, Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning and Four Seasons Home Services are here to help. (more…)

One Contractor to Meet All Your Needs| Westmont, Indian Head Park

Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

Have you ever had to deal with multiple contractors at once? The plumber comes on Tuesday, the furnace repairman on Thursday, the duct cleaners on Monday, and the handyman on Friday. It could all get very confusing and very costly very quickly. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find one company that could take care of ALL your home care needs? Well, when Four Seasons is your contractor, you can! Four Seasons has the unique ability to specialize in a variety of fields. From HVAC cleanings, repair, and installation to home repair and attic insulation services, Four Seasons has an expert on staff to meet your needs. Choosing one contractor eliminates the hassle of managing several contracts and making multiple payments. When you choose Four Seasons for all of your services you will save both time and money.

Professional Services from Four Seasons

  • Furnace repair
  • Furnace replacement
  • Furnace maintenance
  • Air conditioner repair
  • Air conditioner replacement
  • Air conditioner maintenance
  • Thermostat replacement, repair, installation
  • Hot water tank repair, replacement, maintenance (more…)