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5 Reasons to Get a Maintenance Plan| Oak Lawn, Orland Park, Blue Island

Monday, October 20th, 2014

Here at Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning we offer each of our customers what we like to call the Carefree Maintenance Plan. It is basically a maintenance agreement that allows that can be customized to meet the individual customer’s heating and cooling needs. Caring for these appliances in your home is very important, and setting up a maintenance agreement with a reliable heating and cooling contractor like Four Seasons only makes sense when you consider the cost of neglecting these units. However, if you need a little more convincing, here are 5 reasons why you should call Four Seasons today and sign up for the Carefree Maintenance Program:

  1. Never Forget a Cleaning Again: Many of us have trouble remembering what day of the week it is, nevertheless the last time the furnace or air conditioner was cleaned, but under the CMP, we will remind you. Every year you will receive a letter in the mail reminding you of the need to schedule your cleaning.
  2. Lower Prices: Everybody likes to save money, and when you sign up for the CMP you will save a lot of it! 15% off parts and labor as well as reduced service charges will save you big bucks if the system every breaks down. Also, a cleaning and efficiency tune-up is included in the cost of the CMP! (more…)

Location, Location, Location of Your Thermostat| Elmhurst, Carol Stream

Saturday, October 18th, 2014

Do you have drastic temperature changes from room to room in your home? Have you ever considered that this may be caused by the location of your thermostat? If not, it very well may be. The thermostat is device that controls the operation of the furnace and the air conditioner. Depending on the temperature that you have it set at, it will either turn on or turn off the systems in order to maintain that temperature in your home. When the thermostat is poorly located, it may be inaccurately gauging the temperature in your home. For many, this often results in uneven temperatures from room to room and high energy bills.

Some of the areas were a thermostat can be poorly located include:

  • Thermostat too close to a heat source: When the thermostat is located very close to a heat source, it will think that the home is warmer than it actually is. During the winter, this will cause the furnace to run much less than normal and you will have to crank up the temperature setting in order to get adequate heat in the home. In the summer, the thermostat will turn on the air conditioner much more than normal to compensate for the added heat. In both instances, you waste energy running the HVAC systems more than necessary. Some sources of heat include: sunlight, lamps, computers, televisions, and supply vents that push out heat in the winter. Overexposure to cold temperatures also has a similar effect. (more…)

The Benefits of Using a Professional Repairman| Lisle, Palos Heights

Friday, October 17th, 2014

When the furnace or boiler breaks down, the first question that usually comes to the homeowner’s mind is, “How much is this going to cost me?” Everyone is looking for a good price on repairs, and often that leads to shoddy work performed by someone who doesn’t really know what they are doing. Just because a person is “good with their hands” doesn’t mean that they know the first thing about furnace or boiler repair. Hiring a professional serviceman, like the technicians here at Four Seasons has many benefits that non-professionals just cannot compete with.

  • Experience, Experience, Experience: Furnaces and boilers are very complicated systems that require vast amounts of knowledge to properly repair. A self proclaimed “handyman” may know a thing or two about furnace systems, but their knowledge base pales in comparison to the years of experience that professional, certified technicians are required to have. Think about it this way. The average technician at Four Seasons has literally worked on hundreds of furnaces while working for our company, and they are also NATE certified. Your handyman friend on the other hand has maybe worked on a handful of furnaces, and probably is not certified in any way. (more…)

Winter Allergy Relief | Crest Hill, Country Club Hills, Riverdale

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning has many services and products that can potentially offer allergy symptom relief to many this winter season. Winter allergies can often be as bad if not worse than the spring and summer allergies that most of us are accustomed to hearing about, and being cooped up indoors, for months at a time, makes those with allergies very susceptible to the indoor air pollutants that plague thousands of homes in Chicago and the Chicago land area. Duct cleanings, furnace cleanings, air purifiers, and humidifiers are all excellent options to decrease the presence of allergens in the home, and Four Seasons can make implementing these products and services in your home a breeze this winter season.

  • Duct Cleaning Services: Four Seasons offers professional duct cleaning services that will clear the pollen, dust, mold, and dander from your duct work system. These are allergens that are constantly circulating in the air when the furnace is running, and a duct cleaning will greatly reduce their presence in your home.
  • Furnace Cleaning Services: Yearly furnace maintenance tune-ups are important if you want to keep your furnace running reliably all winter long. But, these cleanings can also help relieve allergy symptoms. A dirty furnace is packed with dust and other allergens and as the air in your home passes through the furnace to be warmed, it picks up these allergens. These particles are then delivered to all of the rooms in your home. Combine this service with a monthly filter change and a duct cleaning, and you will greatly improve your indoor air quality. (more…)