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End Thermostat Wars for Good! | Streamwood, Lyons, Frankfort

Monday, October 13th, 2014

Living in a home with multiple people requires a lot of compromise. We compromise on dinner plans, on television channels, and on who will get to use the shower first in the morning. However, there is one thing that no family member should have to compromise on: comfort. In multi-level homes it is often difficult to get even temperatures throughout every room, and as a result, thermostat wars begin. Each person has their own opinion on what temperature the home should be, and compromising on this issue often leaves someone out in the cold. Luckily, Four Seasons can help you end the thermostat wars once and for all with a furnace zoning system!

What is a Zoning System?

A zoning system can be installed into your existing duct work and furnace, and it allows each zone in the home to be controlled by a different thermostat. It consists of a series of dampers that will open and close to varying degrees, so that the homeowner can regulate which rooms of the home need the most heating and which ones need less. Some of the benefits of a zoning system include: (more…)

A Filter-less Furnace | Homewood, Tinley Park, Oak Lawn

Sunday, October 12th, 2014

Life is busy especially at this time of year! With all of the running around shopping, cooking, and preparing for parties, furnace care often falls to the wayside. Months may pass without ever thinking about the heating system, and suddenly there is a breakdown. You travel down to the unit, pull the filter, and find that it is packed with debris and dust. This seems to be the cause of your breakdown. Unfortunately, you haven’t stocked up on replacements, so you figure that for the time being you will just let the unit run without a filter until you can get to the store.

The furnace starts back up and everything seems to be working fine. The only problem is you never do remember to replace the filter, and in a matter of weeks you have a very costly furnace repair on your hands. Running a furnace without a filter is like a death sentence for the unit’s internal components. It is one of the biggest heating mistakes you can make, and here at Four Seasons we find this mistake a lot more than we would like to. (more…)

Natural Gas vs. Electric | Hickory Hills, Oak Park, Mokena

Sunday, October 5th, 2014

When comparing and contrasting furnaces, fuel type will play a big role in the decision making process. Electricity and natural gas are the two most popular choices among homeowners, but what sets them apart? Cost is the main factor, and for most homeowners, it is often the factor that makes or breaks the sale. At first glance, electric furnaces may seem like the way to go, but upon further inspection, you may find that heating your Chicago home is done much more effectively with natural gas heat.

  • Efficiency Ratings: When it comes of efficiency, gas and electric furnaces are neck and neck. High efficiency electric furnaces are usually between 95-100% efficient because no fuel is lost to combustion. However, the gas furnaces on the market today are at about the same efficiency rating. For example, we offer the SLP98V natural gas furnace here at Four Seasons. This system has an efficiency rating up to 98.2%, so I think we can take efficiency comparisons out of the equation.
  • Installation Cost: Installation costs for electric furnaces are often what attract the buyer in the first place. Gas furnaces need to be vented properly to the outdoors, so the installation cost may be a bit higher. Electric furnaces can pretty much be plugged in, and they are ready to go. So, why does Four Seasons recommend gas furnaces for Chicago home when electric is cheaper initially? Well, we like to focus more on the long term cost rather than the initial installation cost. (more…)

Small Changes, Big Impact | Broadview, Park Forest, Alsip

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

Going Green this Winter

“Going Green” seems like a rather daunting task. Every day we are being told to change our entire lifestyle in order to save our planet. There is nothing wrong with going green, but it would be nice if was made a little easier. Here at Four Seasons, we aren’t asking you to trade in your car for a bike or to ration your water supply. You could if you wanted to, but here we have a slightly simpler way to making a big change. All it requires is a 2 degree adjustment on your thermostat.

The Two Degree Pledge

Setting the thermostat back two degrees this winter will not only reduce your homes carbon footprint, but it will save you money too! The less your furnace or boiler has to run, the less energy you will use and the less you will pay every month on your energy bills. (more…)