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Turn Back Your Thermostat| Melrose Park, Cicero, Berwyn

Sunday, December 14th, 2014

The weather outside may not be comfortable enough to abandon outwear just yet, but the weather is defiantly improving and relieving some of the winter blues that have set in over the past icy season. Late winter in the Chicagoland area is characterized by great fluctuations between cool and warm temperatures. The weather is generally mild and we all wait anxiously for the summer sun! While we wait, why not save? Late winter is the perfect time to turn back your thermostat and save a few bucks before the air conditioning season hits.

Small Change= Big Saving!

You may not believe it, but when it comes to the temperature in your home, every degree counts. A 2 degree change can save you 10% on your energy bills, and the more you turn back the thermostat the better. Right now, everyone is still relying on the furnace to keep their homes at a comfortable temperature. However, many homeowners probably still have the thermostat set at a high temperature. During the thick of winter, those high temperatures were needed to keep the home warm. (more…)

Your Duct Work Experts| Palos Park, Shorewood, Crest Hill

Wednesday, December 10th, 2014

Take a moment to consider the age of your home. Unless you recently moved into a new construction, odds are your home is somewhere in the 30 to 50 year old range. Even if you live in one of the more recently developed suburbs, your home is probably getting closer and closer to 20 years old with every passing year. Most people are faced with the task of replacing the furnace and air conditioner in their home at least once depending on the amount of time you spend living there. If you have lived there for life of the home, odds are you have replaced the systems at least a few times, but what you may be forgetting is that you have probably never replaced the ENTIRE HVAC system.

Old, Crumbling Duct Work

The duct work is a vital component of your heating and cooling system, and if it hasn’t been replaced or at least inspected since the home was built, you may already be experiencing some of the problems that are caused by old duct work. Air flow is usually the biggest problem and it is a hard one to solve without addressing the ancient duct work. You can get a furnace with highest speed blower on the market and still not get adequate airflow to all areas of the home. Leaks and even crumbling parts of the system will prevent proper airflow, but Four Seasons can solve this problem for you! (more…)

The Four Seasons Overstock Sale| Burr Ridge, Oak Brook, Worth

Tuesday, December 9th, 2014

Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning is known for our reliable service and affordable pricing.  We strive daily to get you the best deal for your money, and now is the best time to replace your old furnace and air conditioner. We are currently in the middle of our overstock sale that runs through March 15th, and during this sale you will find even more affordable pricing on a wide variety of high quality and high efficiency furnaces and air conditioners from Lennox. All you have to do to take advantage of this offer is schedule a free in-home estimate with one of the friendly salesmen from Four Seasons.

What does a Free In-Home Estimate Involve?

Many homeowners are apprehensive about allowing salesmen into their homes. Whether you have had a bad experience yourself or heard of one from a friend, there are some salesmen that use techniques to bully a homeowner into a sale. Here at Four Seasons, we don’t do that. When you are honest and open with a customer, there is no need to use such forceful tactics. Our salesmen are more like educators. They take a look at the home and the family’s comfort needs and find a HVAC system that complements those needs. They are there to answer questions and there is never an obligation to buy. (more…)

It’s Never Too Late for a Furnace Cleaning| Justice, Oak Forest

Monday, December 8th, 2014

Life for most Chicagoans is very busy. With all of the running around and chaos, the furnace maintenance often falls to the wayside. You tell yourself you will take care of it next month and then suddenly 5 months have gone by without a cleaning. The snow has melted and spring is on its way, but for those that forgot to take care of the furnace during the winter, there is good new! It is never too late for a furnace cleaning, and when you choose Four Seasons for your tune-up, you can get your furnace back in shape sooner than you may think. Convenient scheduling, affordable pricing, and expertly trained technicians are all at your disposal.

Three Reasons to Choose Four Seasons

1.       Convenient Scheduling: As always Four Seasons has 24 hour emergency service available to any customer who is without heating or cooling, but cleanings are a little different. It is not really an emergency service, but Four Seasons understands that homeowners still want choices when it comes to scheduling this service. That is why we offer our tune-up Monday through Saturday all across Chicagoland. Whether you need a morning, afternoon, or evening appointment, Four Seasons can work with you to find a time that fits your busy schedule. (more…)