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A Match Made in Heaven| Downers Grove, Oak Brook, Calumet Park

Friday, October 31st, 2014

Picture yourself in this situation. The furnace has finally called it quits after 20 years of somewhat reliable service. You call Four Seasons to schedule your free in-home estimate on a new system, and the salesman arrives to do an assessment of your home heating needs. He takes a step outside and notices that your air conditioner is the same age as your furnace. He comes back inside and suggests that you now replace the air conditioner along with the furnace.  Before jumping to the conclusion that this salesman is full of it or that he is just trying to maximize his profits, you should take a moment to consider the many benefits that come from replacing the entire system at once rather than replacing it in pieces. These benefits include:

  • System Efficiency: Whenever you replace just one component in a system, the older units limit the efficiency of the new system. There have been drastic improvements in the energy efficiency of heating and cooling units, and replacing both systems at the same time will allow you to maximize the efficiency of both units.
  • Savings: When you maximize the energy efficiency of your units, you maximize your savings as well! Also, there is a good chance that you will get that air conditioner at a discounted price during the off season. (more…)

Furnace Installation: Don’t Do it Yourself| Olympia Fields, Richton Park

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

In these hard times, many homeowners are pinching pennies and tightening their belts more than ever before. Making major purchases is the last challenge that anyone in this economy wants to face, but there are certain things that we just cannot live without. In Chicago, replacing the furnace is one of those major purchases that we all try to avoid. Some homeowners even attempt to replace the unit on their own, but unless they have years of experience installing furnace systems, this could lead to disaster. There are some jobs around the home that are perfect for the “do it yourself-er,” but there are certain projects that should be left the professionals. Make Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning your go-to guys when it comes time to replace that old furnace. We know you won’t regret it.

Problems with “Do it Yourself” Furnace Replacement

Installing a furnace is a very tedious and involved task. It takes our technicians at Four Seasons months just to learn the basics of installation, and they then receive countless hours of hands-on training before they ever step foot in the field. We take such care in preparing our technicians because installing a furnace properly is not easy. When a homeowner attempts to complete the project on their own, these are some of the problems we find: (more…)

A Fire Prevention Reminder for Chicago, Bridgeview, and Oak Park

Monday, October 27th, 2014

With the recent fire related tragedies that have occurred in Chicago, we felt that now was a good time to remind the residents of this great city about fire prevention when using their heating systems. Space heaters, stoves, fireplaces, and central heating systems all have the potential to cause house fires, and these heating systems have consistently ranked among the top causes of house fires. However, heating fires are not something that you ever have to experience in your home!

Frugal Heating this Winter

Every winter, thousands of homes rely on systems other than the central furnace or boiler to heat their homes, and unfortunately, many do so without taking the necessary precautions. When using a fireplace, space heater, or stove, you should keep these tips in mind:

  • Fireplace: Using the fireplace to heat the home won’t necessarily save you money when compared to using the furnace or boiler. But if you are going to use the fireplace at all, do not use to get the fire going, don’t leave the fire unattended, and always close the fire screen when the fire is lit. Also, if you have a wood burning fireplace, never burn garbage, newspaper, or plastic in the fireplace. (more…)

Furnace Repair Fraud! | Vernon Hills, Tinley Park, South Holland

Friday, October 24th, 2014

Nearly every industry has their fair share of scam artists, and the furnace repair business is no different. We hear horror stories on a daily basis of customers who called the wrong company first, and end up losing their hard earned money on unnecessary work. This winter, there are many fraudsters who are going to use the frigid cold temperatures to their advantage. No one wants to be without heat for very long, and for some people going without heat for any period of time could cause major health issues. Scam artists know this fact and manipulate it for their gain.

A Common Furnace Repair Scam

Probably one of the most common furnace repair scams involves heat exchanger inspections. A cracked heat exchanger can cause carbon monoxide to leak into the homes air supply, and it can cause several health problems including the possibility of death. But, it can only do these things if it is actually cracked! A cracked heat exchanger usually results in the purchase of an entire new system, because when a customer hears that there is a problem with the unit that could harm their family, they are quick to fork over large amounts of money to repair the problem. However, if this ever happens to you, stop, take a breath, and remember to think logically. (more…)