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Air Quality Horror Stories! | Buffalo Grove, Calumet Park, Elgin

Friday, January 23rd, 2015

Last summer, I went out on a repair call for an air conditioner that wasn’t cooling. At least that’s the message the dispatcher sent me over the phone. When I arrived at the home the customer seemed a little distant, sort of like her mind was somewhere else. After she told me about the problem she was having we both went to the basement to look at her furnace. As I walked up to it I immediately saw the problem. The insulated Freon line was frozen. A large chunk of ice was right where the Freon line goes into the plenum near the furnace. Unfortunately, this wasn’t her only problem.

Mold in the Humidifier

Once you discover that much ice on the outside of the furnace, you know the coil inside of the plenum is iced up just as bad. I removed the cover to the humidifier so I could see how much ice had accumulated, and to my surprise the humidifier pad was covered with black and green mold. The first words out of my mouth were this pad needs to be changed; there is enough mold here to make someone sick. I wish I had chosen my words more carefully. (more…)

Big Jobs or Small Jobs: Four Seasons can Help! | Harvey, Palatine

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

Looking for help with your home repairs but finding it hard to get a contractor on the job? If so, you are not alone! Surprisingly, many contractors are now turning down small repair work and are only taking the jobs that guarantee a big payday. Not at Four Seasons! Here we value the needs of our customers, no matter how small, so you can have someone to count on when you need a little help with repairs around the house.

Top Notch Service for Any Job

Four Seasons Home Services has many highly skilled servicemen that can handle everything from a leaky faucet to an entire kitchen remodel. We believe that you deserve expert help in your home, even if the job doesn’t cost very much to complete. We don’t think that you should have to resort to low quality workmanship just because that is all that you can find out there. We are your experts and we are waiting for your call. So, keep Four Seasons in mind the next time your home needs repairs or improvements. You will love what we have to offer!

Your Thermostat and Your Air Conditioner| Hickory Hills, Palos Heights

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

Your thermostat will be the mastermind behind your comfort this upcoming summer season. If there is something affecting the way that your thermostat functions, it will also affect the way that your air conditioner keeps you comfortable. One problem that the servicemen from Four Seasons find in many homes is thermostat placement. If the thermostat is not strategically placed to give your air conditioner the best idea of the real temperature in the home, your comfort and your wallet can be affected. The air conditioner will either run more than necessary or less.

Sources of Excess Heat

It is easy to overlook some the simplest mistakes that can throw off the thermostat reading. The most common mistakes involve exposing the thermostat to excess heat. Some of these extra heat sources include:

  • Lamps
  • External walls
  • Sunlight exposure through a window
  • Ovens and stove-tops
  • Drafts from doors or windows (more…)

An Energy Saving Air Conditioning Tip! | Palos Hills, Riverside

Sunday, January 18th, 2015

During the unbearably hot summer days in Chicago, we all retreat indoors for some much needed relief from the blistering sun. As we enjoy the cool air that was generated by the air conditioner, many fail to realize that the main part of the air conditioning system is still outdoors, and if it is not properly protected, it could be running inefficiently. When the condenser is exposed to large amounts of sun for a majority of the day, it becomes harder for the unit to generate cool air for your home. It has to work harder and longer and the end result is often higher utility bills. Four Seasons has a solution, and we can help you implement it today!

Moving the Air Conditioner

Placement of the air conditioner is key to its energy efficiency. The best area of your yard to have the system located in is the north side. This area is exposed to the least amount of sunlight during the day. If you are having a new unit installed by Four Seasons or if you want to have your unit moved, we can help you out. Our experts will help you find the best placement for your air conditioner, so that no matter how much heat the sun can create, you can rest assured that your air conditioner is in the coolest area possible within your yard. (more…)