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R-22 Phase Out| Calumet City, Plainfield, Addison

Wednesday, July 30th, 2014

If you have an air conditioner that uses R-22 refrigerant it is advisable that you retrofit your air conditioner to one that uses R-410A. Several years ago, the EPA put into law new regulations that require the gradual phase-out of air conditioners that run on R-22. In fact, it is no longer legal for air conditioner manufacturers to make R-22 units. Your local heating and air conditioning company might be able to sell you one if they have one left over in their warehouse from the days when they could be manufactured, and they will likely be willing to sell an R-22 air conditioner to you for a significant discount. (more…)

A/C is not the only way to stay cool

Sunday, July 27th, 2014

When you think of summer we all think of hot sun outdoors and keeping our homes cool by running our air conditioners. Were there are other ways besides an air conditioner or fans to stay cool indoors. What people often ignore is the amount of attic insulation they have in their homes. That is understandable since the attic is a place we seldom go to, and is not a primary living space. However, if you do not have adequate attic insulation you may be paying more to keep your home cooler this summer.

Here is why, insulation helps to maintain uniform temperatures throughout your house. It keeps walls, ceilings and floors warmer. Over time insulation settles and does not provide the barrier it did when first installed. If you have gaps in your insulation then cold air and warm air will mix minimizing the effectiveness of your cooling system. During the summer heat transfers from outside  into your home so your cooling system works harder to remove that warm air.

The best way to know if you have sufficient attic insulation is to have a professional company like Four Seasons Heating & Air Conditioning come to your home and measure. The performance of insulation is measured by R – value, and every region of the United States has a recommend level of R-value depending on that regions climate. If you have an uncovered attic floor and your attic insulation is below the attic floor joist it is likely you do not have sufficient insulation.

Just as we mentioned when we started the whole point is to keep your home cool while saving money and attic insulation will help to reduce your cooling cost. This savings can be significant, plus keep in mind that through the end of 2010 the government is providing up to $1,500 in tax credits when you purchase attic insulation. In effect the attic insulation will not only save you money but also help pay for itself in the form of tax credits.

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HVAC Tune-ups Can Save Lives| Sauk Village, Matteson, Oak Lawn

Friday, July 25th, 2014

The EPA, which is usually very slow and reluctant to recommend any services, except the ones which have been proven to be viable and beneficial, recommends inspecting and servicing fuel-burning furnaces before each heating season ( to be sure that you are protected from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon monoxide can enter your home or facility any time you have a defect in your heat exchanger. A heat exchanger is the largest part of the furnace, usually made of aluminum or stainless steel, through which the poisonous carbon monoxide-containing exhaust fumes leave the furnace and are vented to the outside of your home. Heat exchangers, over time and/or as a result of a manufacturer’s defect, can have or develop penetrating scratches and holes. The result of these defects is simple: some of the carbon monoxide that was on its way out of the home will leak through these apertures and into your home or facility. (more…)

The Power of a UV Light| Robins, Worth, Palos Hills

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

With winter quickly approaching, the long summer days spent outdoors will soon be gone. We will retreat indoors, crank up the heat, and hope that we stay warm until spring. The more time we spend indoors, the more important indoor air quality becomes. If there is someone in your home that has allergies or asthma, a poor indoor air environment can intensify their breathing problems. Even if you do not have these conditions, poor indoor air quality can increase your chances of getting a cold, having the flu, or experiencing other respiratory issues. So, what are you going to do about it? Have Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning install a Healthy Climate UV Germicidal Light in your home.

What is a Germicidal UV Light?

The light emitted by UV lights contains UV-C rays. These rays are able to change the DNA and RNA inside microorganisms like mold and bacteria. This change halts the microorganisms’ ability to grow and reproduce. This is what effectively kills off the contaminants in your indoor air. It is installed inside the duct work near the furnace. As the air passes through the furnace to be heated and then delivered through the home, it also passes through the UV light. This is what makes it possible for the UV light to come in contact with all of the air in the home. (more…)