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HVAC Spring Cleaning| South Holland, Bellwood, Calumet City

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

As we continue to enjoy day after day of warmer weather, we are all reminded that spring cleaning is right around the corner. Spring can bring new beginnings for you, your family, and your home, but many of us don’t have the time or the patience to effectively clean our entire home top to bottom. Everyone’s home needs a good spring cleaning to get rid of the things that we no longer use and to tidy up the place for the active summer ahead.  Four Seasons can help you get organized and mess free in the 2011 spring season and the cleaning starts with your HVAC system.

HVAC System Clean Up

  • Changing Filters: The furnace has been working long and hard this winter season, and if you haven’t been changing your filter regularly, now is the time to have Four Seasons take care of that for you. We will supply you with high quality filter replacements that will keep your home’s air clean. Changing the filter regularly will keep your furnace and air conditioner running efficiently all year round. (more…)

Yearly Boiler Maintenance| Riverside, Palos Hills, Bolingbrook

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Attention Boiler Owners! Have you had your boiler cleaned and checked this year? Though you may not think that proper maintenance is a big deal, having the boiler serviced annually by a professional is the only way to ensure that the unit has a long, healthy, and reliable operating life. At Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning we are Chicago’s premiere boiler specialists, and we have the knowledge and expertise you need to keep your boiler in shape for the remainder of this winter season and for years to come. Just like furnace owners have to replace their air filter every month, boiler owners have a few checks they should also complete in between the annual maintenance from Four Seasons.

Do It Yourself Boiler Checks:

  • Maintain the Boiler Room: Your boiler may be located in a basement, a crawlspace, an attic, or it may even have its own room, but no matter where the system is located, that area needs to remain clean. Don’t clutter the boiler room with boxes or other items for storage. These items can make it hard to access the boiler easily, and therefore make it difficult to recognize potential problems with the system. Also, it is important to sweep out the area on a regular basis. Dust and debris can clog the pilot or other crucial system components, and cause damage to the system. (more…)

Water Heater Corrosion| Richton Park, La Grange, Hometown

Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

Are you one of the many people who have had to replace their hot water tank multiple times over a relatively short period of time? There are thousands of homeowners all over Chicago land that find themselves throwing away money on a new hot water tank every five years, and many of them have no idea why. The problem is corrosion. The inside of your hot water tank corrodes because of the particles and minerals that are in your water supply, but Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning can help.

How Does the Tank Corrode?

Over time, these particles eat away at the inside of the tank, and the process is accelerated by the high temperatures created by the tank to heat the water for your home. However, water tank manufacturers have tried to counter this process by installing an “anode” in the tank. This device is used to attract the particles to it rather than to the metal in the tank. This part of the system can only protect the tank for so long before it needs to be replace, and if you are not having the system properly maintained, it will eventually fall victim to the disastrous effects of corrosion. (more…)

A Fire Prevention Reminder for Chicago, Bridgeview, and Oak Park

Monday, October 27th, 2014

With the recent fire related tragedies that have occurred in Chicago, we felt that now was a good time to remind the residents of this great city about fire prevention when using their heating systems. Space heaters, stoves, fireplaces, and central heating systems all have the potential to cause house fires, and these heating systems have consistently ranked among the top causes of house fires. However, heating fires are not something that you ever have to experience in your home!

Frugal Heating this Winter

Every winter, thousands of homes rely on systems other than the central furnace or boiler to heat their homes, and unfortunately, many do so without taking the necessary precautions. When using a fireplace, space heater, or stove, you should keep these tips in mind:

  • Fireplace: Using the fireplace to heat the home won’t necessarily save you money when compared to using the furnace or boiler. But if you are going to use the fireplace at all, do not use to get the fire going, don’t leave the fire unattended, and always close the fire screen when the fire is lit. Also, if you have a wood burning fireplace, never burn garbage, newspaper, or plastic in the fireplace. (more…)