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Not All Types of Freon are Created Equal! | Woodridge, Westmont

Sunday, February 15th, 2015

Which refrigerant reigns supreme? This discussion has been going on for a few years now, and depending on what type of refrigerant your air conditioner uses, you may be biased towards one over the other. However, when you look at the facts, R-410a is the better choice over R-22. This is true for two reasons. First, R-410a is friendly to our environment, and second, R-410a is cheaper than R-22!

The Law of the Land

R-410a was created to be an environmentally friendly form of air conditioner refrigerant. Past forms of refrigerant like R-22 contained ozone depleting compounds and the damage being done to our environment by leaking air conditioners was becoming astronomical! That is why our government decided to take action. Since 2009 the government passed a law that banned the manufacturing of air conditioning units that required R-22. By 2020 R-22 will be completely eliminated from the HVAC industry, and as the years go by the amount of R-22 on the market will gradually decrease. This law has the potential to do a lot of good for our environment, but what does it mean for you as a consumer? (more…)

Solar Powered Air Conditioners| Burr Ridge, Villa Park, Wood Dale

Friday, January 30th, 2015

For many, the idea of converting your home to solar power seems unattainable and out of reach. In the past, this may have been true, but with each passing day, solar power becomes more and more realistic for homes all over the United States. Here in Chicago and the surrounding suburban areas, Four Seasons can help you get started! You may be confused as to how a heating and air conditioning company can help you go solar, but when you consider that your air conditioner consumes anywhere from 12 to 17% of the energy in your home, it starts to make a bit more sense.

Start Small and Add on Later

A solar system consists of a series of panels that are placed upon the roof of your home and hooked into your home’s electrical supply. The number of panels dictates the number of appliances that you can run the system off of. Many homeowners will begin by getting just enough panels to cover the air conditioner’s operation. During the daylight hours, the air conditioner will be powered by the energy created by the panels of the roof as they absorb the sun. When the air conditioner is not in use, the panels can power other appliances in the home. When your home creates its own energy, you pay less for energy provided by the big power companies! The more panels you have, the less you will pay every month on your energy bills! (more…)

Spring Energy Assessments| Olympia Fields, Elk Grove Village

Thursday, December 25th, 2014

One of the more recent additions that Four Seasons has made to our long list of services is professional home energy assessments. With all of the craze surrounding the “go green” movement, we wanted to offer our customers an easier way to choose exactly which energy efficient improvements they should make in their homes, and spring is the best time to have this service performed. With the summer season ahead, every penny that we can help you pinch will matter, and saving money on your energy bills is defiantly an easy place to get started.

Perfect Weather for an Energy Assessment!

The main reason why spring is the best time to have this service performed is because of the weather. It is warm enough to run the air conditioner to check for efficiency and yet it isn’t so hot that running the furnace would be unbearable. In fact, running the air conditioner during the cold of winter could cause damage to the unit in minuets, but neglecting to check the a/c for its level of efficiency leaves a major appliance out of the energy assessment equation. (more…)

Hot Water Heating: What You Need to Know Before You Buy| Burbank

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

The HVAC system gobbles up much of the energy your home uses on a yearly basis. The furnace operates all winter and the air conditioner is used only during the heat of summer. Though you only use each of these systems for a portion of the year, their efficiency is crucial to the affordability of energy. There is another system in your home that consumes another large portion of your home’s energy, and its efficiency is also very important because this unit operates all year round. The hot water tank provides our families with warm showers every morning, hot water to scrub our dishes, and stain busting heat when we wash our clothes. When this system is old and failing, it may be tempting to simply replace the unit with a similar make and model. However, there are two factors that you should always consider before purchasing a new hot water tank, and these are:

1. The Energy Factor: Furnaces have an AFUE rating, air conditioners have a SEER rating, and hot water tanks have an EF Rating or an Energy Factor. This number tells the homeowner just how energy efficient the system will be. The higher the rating the better. At Four Seasons, we offer our customers a full line of Bradford White hot water heating systems that offer high energy factors that can help you save loads on your energy bills over your old system. (more…)