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Top 5 Benefits of an Energy Assessment| Plainfield, Addison, Berwyn

Sunday, November 16th, 2014

Are you looking to make energy efficient improvements in your home? Do you have to stay on a budget? Do you want to help save our planet? Not sure where to begin? Well, Four Seasons can help! Our professional home energy assessments will help you answer all of these questions and many more! A professional home energy assessment is the only way to effectively improve your home’s energy efficiency, and plan for your home’s future. Though you may not know it, energy assessments have several benefits that you can take advantage of today. These benefits include:

  • Heating and Cooling Cost: Inefficient heating and cooling systems or air leaks in the home can be a major source of energy waste. An energy audit could help you pin point the source of your heating and cooling waste, and making those improvements could save you 20-30% on your bills.
  • Electricity Bills: Your energy assessor from Four Seasons can help you save money on your electricity bills too! By figuring out how you and your family use electricity, your energy assessor will show you areas where cutting back will have the biggest return. (more…)

Assessing Your Energy Efficiency | Robbins, Wooddale, Hickory Hills

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

If you are one of the thousands of Chicagoans who are trying to make their home more energy efficient, you may have already realized overwhelming this process can be. With all of the information circling around the internet and the news, you may be having a hard time figuring out what is best for your home and your budget. You may have already implemented a few of these changes, but are you really seeing the savings you had expected from making these energy efficient improvements? If not, you skipped a very crucial step in the “going green” process: planning!

Problems without Planning

Planning you home improvements is the first step towards making your home more energy efficient. Many homeowners will blindly choose an improvement without examining all of the factors that influence the energy efficiency of the home. For instance, upgrading a functional but inefficient hot water tank when the attic is in dire need of insulation is not the best idea. Yes you may see some savings from the upgrade, but the energy you are losing through the roof is the bigger problem that should have been handled first. (more…)

Understanding Efficiency Ratings| Elk Grove Village, Maywood, Frankfort

Thursday, November 6th, 2014

Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning likes to talk a lot about energy efficiency in the heating and cooling industry, but many homeowners are still clueless when it comes to understanding the importance of having an energy efficient furnace or boiler operating in their homes. Furnace and boiler efficiency is measured in AFUE or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. This is a percentage that represents the amount of natural gas that is actually converted into heat for your home.

For instance, an 80% AFUE furnace uses 80% of its gas to create heat, and the other 20% is lost during the combustion process. Therefore, the higher the percentage, the less gas you will use, and the lower your energy bills will be. There are different efficiency ranges, and it is important to understand the benefits and losses associated with owning a unit that falls within one of these ranges.

The Energy Efficiency Spectrum

  • 65% AFUE or Lower: The general rule of thumb when determining the energy efficiency of your current heating system is: the older the unit the lower the rating. Most furnaces and boilers that are fifteen years old or older are at best 65% efficient with the gas that they consume. This is extremely wasteful, and operating a system that is this inefficient is a waste of your hard earned money. (more…)

Saving Money with the Sun| Westmont, Robbins, Hazel Crest

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

With every passing month here in Chicago another energy bill arrives. At this point you probably cringe at the cost, and the weather doesn’t look like it is getting any warmer any time soon. So, the only option is to conserve energy, and here at Four Seasons, we have an idea that you probably haven’t thought of. Use the sun! On days that the sun is shining bright, you could easily cut back on your heating costs and cut down your electricity costs as well!

Sunny Day Savings

On the next sunny day, take a walk around your home and open the curtains, blinds, and any other coverings that you may have on your windows. Kick the thermostat back a few degrees, and we bet you won’t even notice the difference. The sun is the earth’s natural heating source, and though it may be freezing outside, you can still take in the sun’s heat through the windows in your home. However, you must remember to recover the windows at night to prevent drafts and air leaks from reversing your energy savings. (more…)