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With the tax credits and extreme discounts that have been offered this past year on new high efficiency heating and cooling systems, many people have replaced their old systems in hopes of experiencing all the benefits that come from installing a new high efficiency furnace or air conditioner. The only problem is that many of these people are overlooking a very important component of the HVAC system that could be damaging and reducing the efficiency of their new systems. Which component could be doing this? The duct work! Poorly designed, improperly installed, and unbalanced duct work systems can cause major problems to your heating and cooling systems and to your comfort this upcoming winter.

Common Duct work Problems

  • Poorly Designed System: The goal of the duct work system is to get conditioned air to the rooms of your home and draw unconditioned air back to the furnace or air conditioner to be warmed or cooled. In order to do this effectively, the system needs to be designed efficiently. The number of bends and the length of duct work runs need to be kept at a minimum. The longer it takes for the air to reach its target location, the more restriction there will be upon airflow.
  • Improperly Installed System: Sometimes a system can be properly designed, but the installation of the system will be flawed. This happens when the install technician fails to seal leaks, support bends and connections, and insulate. Your heating and cooling systems could be suffering from heat loss and heat gain when this is the problem. Also, when connections aren’t sealed and supported properly, there is a good chance that the duct work may fall apart with time.
  • Unbalanced System: If you have problems with uneven heating and cooling in your home, your duct work system may not be balanced properly. When a system is unbalanced, some rooms will receive more airflow than others, and the result decreased efficiency of the heating and cooling systems. They will have to run longer in order to maintain a good temperature.
  • Inadequate Air Returns: The air return in the vent that sucks air in and delivers it back to the furnace. An install contractor may cut corners by centrally locating one return vent for several supply vents. Leave the door to the room with the supply vent closed for too long and suddenly the furnace and air conditioner are being choked. There should be one return vent per supply vent in the home.

Do you suspect that you may have one of these problems? If so, call the pros at Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning. We will perform a full duct work inspection to locate any potential problems and offer a repair plan to get your HVAC systems back on track. Don’t let duct work problems damage your furnace or air conditioner any longer! Have Four Seasons take a look and finally put your heating and cooling problems to bed! Winter is right around the corner, so act now and you and your furnace can breathe easy this chilly season.

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