Choosing an HVAC Contractor

Choosing an HVAC Contractor – Making the Best Choice

When it’s time to replace your HVAC system, the dealer you choose can affect how much you pay, what level of service you receive and the quality of the system you buy. How do you choose a dealer you can trust?

Follow the trail of satisfied customers

Finding a dealer you can trust can be as simple as asking your friends, family and neighbors for the names of the HVAC dealers they have used and would recommend. Based on their suggestions, call the dealers and ask for referrals from recent customers, then follow through with a phone call to the homeowners they name.

Next, ask the dealer if their technicians are members of NATE which is the leading HVAC certification program. When the technician arrives, ask to see their certification card, or have the technician enter his or her name and NATE identification number at You’ll immediately be able to see in which areas the technician is certified.
Make the dealer work for you

Look for an HVAC dealer who will provide service around your schedule, offering extended or emergency service hours if needed. Ask the dealer to provide you with written copies of their warranty and service policies so you can see how repairs will be handled and who will pay for replacement parts.

Source: Lennox Comfort Matters newsletter

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11 Responses to “Choosing an HVAC Contractor”

  1. T.Dell says:

    This is so true, we live in Oak lawn and our home heating furnace went out and we had no heat. Being that we just moved to Oak Lawn, we were not sure who to call for our heating problem. I went to the Oak Lawn phone book and thank God Four Seasons Heating had an ad that caught my eye. They were located in Oak lawn so I figured it would be better to use a local heating company. The tech was on time and very professional, I would recommend them to any one in the Oak Lawn area.

  2. Larry M says:

    I live in Naperville and my home has 3 gas furnaces, each furnace has it’s own stat, can I run 3 furnaces on one thermostat or do I have to have 3 thermostats? The 3 furnaces I have are old, would new furnaces work with one? Do I have to pull a permit in naperville or can I do it without. The villiage in Naperville is crazy and they ask for all kinds of crazy stuff. What heating and cooling company in Naperville would you say I should use? Thanks Larry from naperville.

  3. Chester says:

    Great service from your Oak Lawn office, the installers were clean cut and very neat workers. The Lennox furnace is so quiet. I’m so happy I went with your company, I will spread the good word in Oak Lawn.

  4. Max says:

    Larry, you will need a thermostat for each furnace. Are you having heating & cooling issues? Now is a good time to change out your furnaces, there are $1500 tax credits and manufacturer rebates through 12/15/09. I had Four Seasons install 2 Lennox 95% 2 stage variable speed furnaces. I have a 2 story home and was having hot and cold spot issues. Now with my new furnaces my hot and cold spots are gone. I also had a media air cleaner and UV light installed to eliminate bacteria and the swine flu virus. They also took care of getting the permits for the install, all the other bids I received wanted me to get the permit. Max from Naperville.

  5. Don says:

    I have a tri level home in oak lawn we need furnace repair and or replacment .the villiage of oak lawn requires a permit does your company pull permits . I was wondering does oak lawn inspect the heating or gurnace work when it’s done and if so do I have to pay the villiage of oak lawn for the permit or does four seasons heating pay for it . I talked to my friend who lives in oak lawn and she has used four seasons heating before and was very happy . Will she get the referal bonus if I buy a new furance from four seasons heating I have a lot of friends in oak lawn to send you for heating and cooling work .

  6. Joe says:

    Yes we pay for the permit and your friend in oak lawn would get the referal fee.

  7. Terrence T says:

    I just wanted to say how pleased we are with the installation of our new furnace the men worked very hard never took a break and cleaned up everything when they were done. We live in Oak Lawn and the villiage requires a permit when you do heating and cooling work like installing a new furnace. The man from the villiage of Oak Lawn came out and he asked who did the work and I gave him the permit that was in are window and he said oh good Four SEASONS HEATING at least the work will be done correct, I felt so good that I had picked Four Seasons Heating after he said that, it was the icing on the cake. I will tell all my friends in Oak Lawn that they should use Four Seasons heating for all of their heating cooling furnace work and repairs.

  8. Leo says:

    We were in the market for a new furnace so we called out 4 different companies to get an estimate. Like anyone else, we wanted to be sure we got a good deal. The first company came out, very nice man straight forward gave us a price and told us if we have more questions call him that was great. The second company came out and after 2 minutes asked if we were getting any other estimates, I wanted to say who doesn’t get more then one estimate. I told him 4 companies are coming out he looked surprised and said is one of them Four Seasons Heating, I was shocked how did he know that they would be coming out, was he reading my mind LOL. I TOLD HIM YES THAT’S WHEN HE STARTED IN ON DON’T USE THEM THEIR NO GOOD, THEY FILED BANKRUPTCY THEY USE SUB CONTRACTORS HE EVEN SAID THEY CHANGED THEIR NAME I ASKED HIM ARE YOU KIDDING ME HE SAID I WOULDN’T LIE ABOUT THAT. I told him that I was in sales for 22 years and that I cant even consider using him because of his sale tactics, he said oh good luck lady, got up and left. When Ken from Four Seasons came over I told him what happened and he just smiled and said its not easy to become number one in heating and cooling and its harder to stay number one. He told me how they do buisness and how most competitors can’t compete and that some not all will say or do any thing to get a customers business away from them. I signed with Ken and Four Seasons to install my furnace next Saturday, I will post how it all went.

  9. Mike D FURNACE REPAIR says:

    In Oak Lawn we have very old furnaces and we can all use a good company like Four Seasons heating to take care of our furnace and home heating repairs in Oak Lawn. For the best service for your furnace or boiler, call Four Seasons Heating of Oak Lawn.

  10. Gill says:

    You can never tell who is good and who is bad, you can learn a lot about heating and cooling from this web site. It will help you understand how to purchase a new furnace or boiler, it will inform you how to chose a good contractor what to look for and what heating and cooling questions you should ask. With over 5000 heating and cooling companies to chose from you need to investigate who you are talking with. The worst thing you could do is buy a furnace from the first person you talk to. You should always get 3 estimates for new equipment and be sure to ask questions. A good heating or cooling company won’t care if you are getting more quotes.

  11. david says:

    For the best heating and cooling furnace repair in Chicago you can always call four seasons heating and cooling .I have called the chicago office for all of my heating cooling and furnace repair services I WANT FOUR SEASONS TO SERVICE MY FURNACE AGAIN THIS WINTER .The first time we called four seasons heating for the repair work we needed on the furnace it was like 20 below outside the tech had the furnace repair done in 30 minutes and the heating and cooling was ready for the chicago winter .