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For the past forty years, Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning has been a part of Chicago and the Chicagoland area. We live and work in this city, and as a part of this community, we feel a certain responsibility to the people that live here as well. We make every attempt to provide this city with reliable and trustworthy HVAC service when they need it the most, and we sometimes even take the extra step to intervene for those that are being taken advantage of by less scrupulous companies.

A Troubling Tale

A couple weeks ago, one of our sales managers came across a story about an elderly woman and her air conditioner. She has purchased a furnace and air conditioner during the winter months and now that the weather was beginning to warm, she was trying to have the air conditioner installation completed. After several ignored phone calls and a slew of excuses, this woman was still without cooling in her home. Then the heat hit! 90 degree days are unbearable no matter what age you may be, but as an elderly woman, she could not risk staying in the heat. The company that she purchased the unit from wanted her to wait, and put other customers before her needs.

Meeting the Need

In her desperation, her and her family reached out to a local newspaper to get the story public. That is when it fell into the hands of Four Seasons. We saw a need and we decided that we could and should meet it! How could we as a heating and air conditioning company sit by when a woman was so desperate for a little comfort? We couldn’t! So, we installed a new 21 SEER air conditioner at this woman’s home free of charge.

It is easy for big companies to get caught up in the money-making needs of the business and forget that they are there to meet a need for their customers! In our case, we meet the need for comfort, and in our opinion, meeting that need must be the priority over the paycheck!

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