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These days, it is hard to trust anyone at their word. With all of the scam and fraud warnings we encounter everyday it is too easy to get taken advantage of when you need to have work performed in your home. Taking a contractor at his word could turn into big losses down the line. Many homeowners find this out the hard way. They sign a piece of paper without ever really reading it through and the project begins. Within days the problems start up and the homeowner has nothing to back up the contractors verbal promises. The homeowner ends up with a much lighter wallet and little to show for it. Don’t let this become your remodeling or HVAC repair horror story and call Four Seasons!

A Contract You can Understand

Complex contracts are difficult to understand and seem to hide crucial facts from the homeowner. When you need something repaired, you often don’t even think to read every detail of the papers that you sign. All you want is to get the problem taken care of as quickly as possible. Contractors know this and the less scrupulous ones will use it to their advantage. At Four Seasons, we are as upfront as possible with each and every one of our customers. We are not looking to take your money and run. All we want to do is provide you with a reliable source for the services you need to have performed. That is why we always outline and discuss everything with you before you sign a contract. By keeping you in the loop, we establish a trusting relationship.

Establishing a Relationship

Four Seasons has nothing to gain by trying to pool the wool over your eyes. Contractors that practice these unscrupulous tactics will maybe fool you once but they would be fools to cross you twice. At Four Seasons, we are in the business of creating a lifelong partnership with each of our customers. We want a customer that uses us for one service to realize that they can count on us in the future for a variety of other services too! They don’t have to shop around every time something goes wrong because Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning and Four Seasons Home Services is on their side.

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