Don’t Let Cool Air Escape Chicago, Dolton, Summit, and Crest Hill!

You can bring down your home’s heating and cooling costs by as much as 30 percent when you incorporate proper air sealing and insulation solutions. By keeping cool air from leaving your home you will keep the temperature and air in your home more comfortable. First you should conduct a home energy audit to figure out where your home may be losing energy through air leaks or inadequate insulation.

The most obvious places where cool air escapes are your doors and windows. Check for air leaks around the frames of doors and windows. Use caulk or sealing, weather striping to stop air leaks. Try applying sun-control or other reflective films on south-facing windows to reduce solar gain.

You can also increase the amount of attic insulation in your home. Attic insulation provides a barrier that will help keep cool air in your living spaces and stops it from mixing with the warm air in your attic. It’s in these places where warm and cool air mix where you can see significant loss of cool air. As a result, your cooling system will also run longer in order to keep the temperature in your home consistent to make up for the cool air loss. If you have insufficient attic insulation it’s probably costing you extra to heat and cool your home. Adding attic insulation to proper amounts will help reduce your energy bills because your system will run for shorter periods of time and your home will maintain cool air for longer periods of time. Call a qualified HVAC contractor who will determine how much insulation to add to get you to adequate levels.

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