Do It Yourself Duct Cleaning Disaster| Chicago Heights, Westchester, Harvey

Many of us like to do projects around the home on our own, and having the know-how to complete these projects can save you both time and money. However, there are certain jobs that should only be handled by the professionals, and cleaning the air ducts is one of those jobs. Cleaning the air ducts on your own can cause several problems including:

  • Insufficient Removal of Particles: Most of the sites that offer “do it yourself” duct cleaning tips suggest using your vacuum cleaners hose to remove dust and other particles from the areas of the duct work that you can access. The first problem with attempting to use this technique is the fact that a good portion of the duct work in your home is inaccessible using the 4 foot hose on your vacuum cleaner. That leaves large portions of the duct work untouched and therefore still dirty.
  • Inefficient Removal of Particles: When professional duct cleaners, like those at Four Seasons, clean your duct work, they will hook up a powerful vacuum system that will create negative air pressure within your duct work. As their tools kick up the particles in your air ducts, they are removed from the home safely and efficiently by this vacuum system. When you attempt to use your little vacuums hose, you kick up the particles in the duct work, but have no way to capture them. Suddenly the home is covered in dust and debris from the duct work.
  • Mold Dispersal: There may be mold present in your duct work that you don’t even know about, and cleaning the duct work on your own can cause a major problem in your home. When the mold spores trapped in the duct work, they cause damage to your home and your health. However, attempting to clean the duct work on your home released these spores into the air, and now the mold problem in the duct work is now a mold problem all over your home! If you suspect the presence of mold at all, you must contact a professional for the safety of your home and your family.
  • Damage to the Duct Work: The material that duct work systems are made out of can vary from home to home. Some types of duct work are more sensitive than others, and if you do not know how to properly handle the system, you may cause damage. Loose duct work that has gaps or leaks can adversely affect the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems, and replacing damaged duct work can become very costly very quickly.

Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning performs professional duct cleaning services all over Chicago and the Chicago land area. When you trust Four Seasons with the work, you will be able prevent each of the problems listed here and restore clean air to your home. Don’t take a risk your money, your comfort, or your safety and call Four Seasons today!

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  1. I just added your web site to my favorites. I enjoy reading your posts. Thank you!

  2. Cleaning and ducting is really harmful one has to take more precautions before doing it. Moreover you will not have latest equipments which professionals are having. So it would be better to hire some professional air ducts cleaners.