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Does it seem like your air conditioner works fine except when it gets real hot out side? If so, I have a few areas you can check that might help you to resolve this problem:

1. Change your furnace filter: The number one reason furnaces and air-conditioners don’t work up to the customers expectations is a dirty filter. Reduced air flow caused by a dirty furnace filter can add 10-25% to your electric bill. It can also shorten the life of your heating and cooling equipment.
2. Check your air-conditioners condensing unit: Your condenser should be on the side or behind your house.  Is there a bunch grass or weeds growing around it? Does the coil look clean or is it covered with fuzz and dirt? Reduced air flow around and through the outside coil can cause the unit to run longer and not cool as quickly as it should.
3. Feel the Ceiling: You’re going to love this one! Feel your ceiling mid-afternoon on a day when the air-conditioner doesn’t seem to be keeping up. If your ceiling feels warm to the touch you probably don’t have enough insulation in your attic. Heat is building up in the attic space and seeping through into the livings spaces of your home. Think of the French fries at your local fast food place. You are the French fry and your ceiling is the heat lamp. Makes sense right!

An Eye Witness Account

A life long friend of mine moved into a new place last year. The place was fantastic, and everything was shiny and new. The only problem he had was his A/C couldn’t keep up on hot days. I went over and took a look at it. Every part of the system seemed to be in good shape. The outside unit was blowing out hot air, and the inside registers were blowing out cold air. I scratched my head once or twice then I pulled out my trusty little infrared thermometer and shot the ceilings temperature. It was about 25 degrees warmer than the air in the house. The builder never insulated the attic. That’s why the ceiling was so hot. I suggested he have Four Seasons out to install a fresh layer of blown-in attic insulation, and within hours he noticed a significant difference in the performance of his air conditioner!

Even if your insulation was great 10-20 years ago, over time insulation settles and you start to lose R-value. One of the best returns on investment improvements you can do is blow a few more inches of insulation into your attic. The added R-Value will cut your heating and cooling bills. Saving money is what it’s all about, and Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning can make it happen in your home as well!

-Tips and advice from your local Four Seasons service technician, Ray S-

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