Is Your Dog Destroying Your Air Conditioner? | Matteson, Markham

When we consider our furry four legged friends and the destruction that they can cause, we often think of torn up furniture and pillows and yellow stains on the carpet. We may train our dogs to mind their manners indoors and teach them to do their business outdoors, but many of us are forgetting to protect one of our most expensive investments from the effects of our pets. The air conditioner is especially vulnerable to damage done by male dogs and their urine. Although it is not pleasant to picture, dog urine could be literally eating away at your air conditioner, and the longer the problem goes unchecked, the more damage that is done. Here at Four Seasons, we have seen way to many air conditioners suffer this fate, and with another air conditioning season on the way, there are sure to be many more.

Damaged Condenser

Dog urine contains chemicals that are very good at eating away at metals, especially aluminum. Unfortunately, many air conditioner fins and coils are coated in this metal, and with time the fins become dust and the coils begin to leak. A leak in coils means that the unit is no longer a closed system. The refrigerant will leak out, and in a matter of hours or days the system could be emptied completely. When this happens to your unit, you risk burning out the condenser, and the holes created by the urine are often enough to destroy the unit completely. This entire process could happen in about a year’s time, and once that damage has reached this magnitude, replacement is really your only option.

How Can I Protect My A/C?

If you already have this problem or if you notice your dog has been using your air conditioner as a toilet, you need to call Four Seasons. If the problem has not yet progressed to a leak or destruction of the fins, you may be able to save the system. First an expert technician from Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning will clean the coils and repair any issues that the unit may have. Next, you will need protective fence installed around the air conditioner to keep your dog from repeating the problem. One of our skilled handymen from Four Seasons Home Services can install a protective fence for your air conditioner that doesn’t restrict air flow or get in the way of annual maintenance checks. It will keep your pup a safe distance away and still allow the unit to cool your home efficiently.

If you unit is in need of replacement, Four Seasons can help you there as well. We have a full line of high quality Lennox products to fit nearly any budget, and we can get your new unit and your new protective fence installed before the real summer heat arrives. It is difficult to stop a dog from destroying the air conditioner on your own, but with the help of Four Seasons, you can protect your unit easily and quickly before a major investment is needed.

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3 Responses to “Is Your Dog Destroying Your Air Conditioner? | Matteson, Markham”

  1. Ray S- Service Technician says:

    You hit the problem right on the head. Those male dogs will lift their legs on any thing. What you might not know is the heat from the air conditioner coil intensifies the odor and the condenser fan distributes it so all the dogs in the neighbor hood know they need to mark your air conditioner. Sad to say but they will treat your AC like a fire hydrant.

  2. Linda says:

    We had this happen to us last spring and after the tecnician was out to fix the valve that rusted from dog urine we were told that it was washed clean and no longer an issue….it’s also protected from animals now. Can there still be some corrosion going on? The air conditioner isn’t working at all this spring!

  3. Thanks for the comment Linda! Having the valve replaced was a good step towards eliminating any problems caused by dog urine, but there are certain cases where the extent of the damage isn’t immediately seen. The urine may have begun to corrode other parts of the air conditioner, and after the long winter, that corrosion may have now caused other problems. Many times refrigerant or Freon leaks result from corrosion, and this may be the source of your problem. Your best bet would be to have a serviceman out to take a look. If there is a corrosion related problem, he will be able to identify it, but the problem could also be that it is just time for a yearly tune-up! Only a professional will be able to tell, so the sooner you call the better!