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When you own a home, there could be hundreds of little problems within its walls that are hidden from view. A builder may decide to cut corners or a repairman may “jerry-rig” something to make it work. Either way, you end up with a problem inside the home that is not up to code. At Four Seasons, we have been running across several homes in the Chicagoland area that have problems with their clothes dryer duct and vent. The worst of these problems are vents that do not vent to the outdoors. Instead, they dump into a ceiling or attic, and the problems this can cause could be devastating to a home.

Improperly Venting Dryer Ducts

  • Encouraging Mold Growth: As your dryer dries your clothes, it vents out large amounts of hot humid air. In homes that don’t have a proper venting system, all of this hot air could be filling up the damp dark spaces under floorboards and inside the attic. All of this excess moisture creates the perfect environment for mold and mildew to thrive! We have discussed in the past the many dangers of having mold growth in the home, and allowing a problem like this to go unchecked could be encouraging this very serious issue.
  • Highly Flammable Lint: Not only is that improperly installed dryer vent pumping large amounts of moisture into the home, but it is also pumping in huge amounts of highly flammable lint. A problem like this could lead to a house fire at the slightest spark. Remove this hazard from your home can call Four Seasons now!

Professional Assessments

Four Seasons Home Services has the professional home repair servicemen that you need to get your dryer duct venting properly. Duct problems of any kind can cause a plethora of issues within the home, and if you suspect that your home may be having these types of issues, a Four Seasons technician can help you find out for sure. Don’t put the safety of your family in jeopardy and get Four Seasons out now!

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