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Living in a home with multiple people requires a lot of compromise. We compromise on dinner plans, on television channels, and on who will get to use the shower first in the morning. However, there is one thing that no family member should have to compromise on: comfort. In multi-level homes it is often difficult to get even temperatures throughout every room, and as a result, thermostat wars begin. Each person has their own opinion on what temperature the home should be, and compromising on this issue often leaves someone out in the cold. Luckily, Four Seasons can help you end the thermostat wars once and for all with a furnace zoning system!

What is a Zoning System?

A zoning system can be installed into your existing duct work and furnace, and it allows each zone in the home to be controlled by a different thermostat. It consists of a series of dampers that will open and close to varying degrees, so that the homeowner can regulate which rooms of the home need the most heating and which ones need less. Some of the benefits of a zoning system include:

  • Increased Comfort: Each person can control a zone in the home to meet their specific comfort needs.
  • Energy Savings: Since you will only be heating the rooms that require warmth, you will no longer be wasting energy heating rooms that go unoccupied for large portions of the day.
  • No More Overheating: Often times in larger homes, some rooms will be much cooler than others. To compensate for this, many homeowners will crank up the heat. This overheats rooms that don’t need the extra warmth and wastes energy.

If this sounds like something that your family can benefit from, now is the time to call Four Seasons. Zoning systems make heating your home easy and comfortable for everyone, and with holiday season upon us, everyone can afford to save money on their energy bills. So, call Four Seasons today to learn more about having a zoning system installed in your home.

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