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If you have walked into an appliance store in the past 18 years, you have probably noticed the little blue Energy Star labels on many appliances, but what is Energy Star? The name sounds like it means something good and you probably have heard about the tax breaks on Energy Star rated appliances. But, do you really know what Energy Star is? If not, Four Seasons will clear up any and tell you how you can take advantage of the many Energy Start rated products that we offer.

What is Energy Star?

Back in 1992, the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy joined to create Energy Star in order to make it easier for homeowners to find energy efficient appliances. Their goal was to both to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to save consumers loads of money yearly on their energy bills. Appliances wishing to carry this label, go through stringent testing in order to confirm energy efficiency.

The greatest thing about Energy Star is that a household using these appliances can usually save more than 30% on energy bills. So, when it comes time to upgrade an appliance in your home, make the switch to Energy Star rated products to save money and the Earth! With over 60 categories of products, you can now find almost any home appliance with an Energy Star label on it from televisions to heating and cooling equipment.

Does Four Seasons Offer Energy Star?

Yes we do! Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning has a full line of products that carry the Energy Star label. Whether your furnace is on the outs or the air conditioner has finally quit, Four Seasons will match you with the Energy Star heating and cooling system that will meet your needs and save you money down the road. Don’t miss out on the tax credits, and call Four Seasons to learn more about our Energy Star Rated products from Lennox today!

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