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No matter how nice the weather may seem one day, we must not forget that this is Chicago! The weather is hard to predict and no two years are exactly the same. We may enjoy warm weather for a few days in a row and then suddenly the snow begins to fall. It is not uncommon for Chicago to have heavy snow falls in the late days of March, so we need to keep this fact in mind when preparing our homes for the hot summer ahead. Sure it’s nice to dream about warm days, and to get the house ready, but it still needs to be protected until the spring truly arrives. Four Seasons has had many customers calling in to get their tune ups done on their air conditioners right away, but it is simply not yet possible.

Proactive Customers Have the Best HVAC Systems

We love our proactive customers at Four Seasons. These are the people that call in religiously every year to schedule their air conditioner cleaning before the summer is in full swing. These are the same people that have air conditioners and furnaces that last well beyond the typical lifespan for the unit and that experience far fewer breakdowns. They take care of their systems and we understand their eagerness to get on the schedule for the spring. However, chilly temperatures and torrential downpours are still in the forecast for March, and these conditions make cleaning the unit a bad idea.

Protect Your Investment in Maintenance

Running the air conditioner in cold temperature can cause the compressor to blow! We need the temperature to be consistently above 60 degrees before we will start test running and cleaning air conditioners. We want your cleaning to last all season long and we want to make sure that the system is calibrated properly to work in even the hottest temperatures. This is why we schedule the appointments starting in April. You can call in to schedule now, but the cleaning will not be done until next month. We do this to keep your air conditioner safe and to make your investment in maintenance as valuable as possible.

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