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Unfortunately, Chicago is no stranger to freezing temperatures. Recent weather forecasts have predicted that January is going to be coldest month yet this winter, and that means that more freezing temperatures are on the way. When the temperature outside drops below freezing there is always the possibility that pipes in your home will freeze if you are not careful. When pipes freeze, they may crack and burst costing you hundreds and maybe even thousands to repair due to the devastating effects of water damage. This is something that every homeowner should do their best to prevent, but if a pipe does burst in your home, you need to have Four Seasons’ phone number on hand.

Preventing Frozen Pipes

In order to prevent frozen pipes, you first need to recognize areas of your home that are at risk. Common areas where pipes will freeze are:

  • Exterior walls
  • Unconditioned areas- garage, attic, basement, or crawl space
  • Under insulated rooms- more likely in older homes
  • Radiators

For at risk pipes, it is important that you take certain preventative measures in order to make sure that you don’t experience a pipe freezing. At Four Seasons, we have noticed that most frozen pipes and radiators freeze while the homeowner has been away from the home. The problem is that the owner turns down the thermostat or turns the furnace off all together in an effort to save money while they are away. The temperature outside falls, and suddenly there are frozen pipes all over the home.

A frozen pipe can become a burst pipe if the ice causes the pipe to expand and crack. As the ice begins to thaw, water will pour out of the cracks. In a matter of minutes you could have gallons of water in your home, and unless you know what to do, you could end up with major water damage. If you do find a frozen or burst pipe, there are two things that you should do:

  1. Shut off the main water supply
  2. Call Four Seasons!

Here at Four Seasons we can help you with your frozen pipe problem no matter where the problem occurs. Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning can help you with repairing or replacing frozen radiators, and Four Seasons Home Services has the experts you need to repair the pipes in the rest of the home! In no time at all, we will have restored your home to its original state. Four Seasons can also help you prevent frozen pipes from ever becoming a problem by having one of our servicemen insulate the pipes that are most at risk. Don’t let frozen pipes become a problem in your home this winter.

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