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The first heat wave of the summer is over! Although there are sure to be many scorching hot days in the future, for now, chilly days and their accompanying flood waters are in the forecast. Isn’t Chicagoland weather wonderful? It was 90 degrees one day then 53 degrees the next day. It didn’t surprise me when we started to get furnace repair calls in the middle of June!

What is GAMA?

What I have found is that most of these furnace service calls are made because of basement flooding, and I need to warn some of you of the dangers involved with running a furnace after your basement has flooded. Your furnace may work in a few days after it dries out, but it still might not be safe to use. Have you heard of GAMA, the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association? This organization tests and sets standards for gas appliances including furnaces and boilers. They also make suggestions when it comes to electric systems as well including electric furnaces and air conditioning systems.

Through their tests, they have found that operating a water damaged system is dangerous, to say the least, and they recommend that these systems be checked by a professional before they are turned back on. Much of the damage that water can do may go unseen to the untrained eye.

Gas Valve Malfunction

One of the problems water damage can cause has to do with the gas valve on your furnace. Water damaged gas valves are no longer carefully controlled by the furnace. They tend to open at their own will and begin to leak gas into your home. In other words they can and sometimes do cause dangerous situations with out warning. If your furnace has been water damaged, turn off the gas supply to your furnace NOW!!  Have a qualified service technician from Four Seasons out to check your furnace as soon as possible.

Four Seasons and Your Safety!

Gas valve malfunctions are not the only problems that should worry you. There is a laundry list of other problems associated with water damaged furnaces. Some of these problems include mold and mildew growth, rusting and erratic operation. Motors and other electrical components tend to burn out as well when exposed to water, and sometimes the cost of repairs is so extensive that replacement of the system is recommended. Four Seasons will do what we can to salvage your system, but sometimes it is better to play is safe and replace the furnace rather than risk your family’s safety by operating a water damaged system. If you are experiencing this type of damage in your home today, please call Four Seasons now!

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