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Carbon monoxide buildup in the home is a year round concern, especially for those that use a generator for power during an outage. Most of us assume that our furnace or boiler is the only appliance that creates a real threat, but a generator that is operated improperly can pose just as great a threat if not greater. We aren’t saying that the unit can’t be used safely; we just would suggest that you keep a few of these tips in mind the next time you pull that portable generator out during a power outage.

Generator Safety Tips:

  • Generator Placement: This is the biggest mistake that homeowner make. Placing the generator in a garage, crawl space, attic, or any other even partially enclosed space is not an option! These units can produce large amounts of carbon monoxide very quickly and even with the windows and doors open you probably won’t be able to create the kind of ventilation the system needs. Set the unit up outdoors and downwind from the home. This will keep carbon monoxide from leaking into the home through cracks around windows and doors.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors: The next step is to make sure that you have several CO detectors installed in the home. If you don’t have any or if your detectors are 5-10years old, call Four Seasons Home Services for replacement installation. We can hard wire and test your new carbon monoxide system so that you can rest assured you will be warned if there is CO building up inside your home.
  • Avoid Water: The power is usually knocked out during a storm, but you need to wait till the rain has stopped before pulling out your generator. Allowing the generator to get wet could cause electrocution the next time something is plugged into the system. Keep the unit dry and you will keep yourself and your home safe.
  • Proper Cords: Many homeowners assume that they can use any type of extension cord with they portable generator. However, your system will have specific cords that it recommends that you use. Also make sure that the cords can handle the load of the appliances that you plug into the system. Not doing so could present both a fire and electrocution risk.
  • Replacement: If you find that your old generator is putting out massive amounts of carbon monoxide and that no matter how far you place the unit from the home the detectors are still going off, it must be replaced. Old inefficient units can put out enormous amounts of CO and they are just not safe to operate. Call Four Seasons and we will set you up with a new portable or standby system that will meet your needs safely.

Don’t put your family at risk by operating a generator improperly. Contact Four Seasons for maintenance, replacement, and even more tips to help you power your home safely during this summer season and for years to come.

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