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The holiday season is a popular time of year for many people to travel. We pack up cars and take planes all over the country to visit family and friends and we leave our homes behind. Every year, without fail, there are hundreds of homeowners in the Chicagoland area that will turn off the thermostat to save some money while they are away, and as a result, they experience a real disaster in the home when they finally get back. We know you want to save some money while you are away, but there is a safer way. Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning is issuing this warning so that you can protect your home this season, and our handymen can help you prepare the home as well.

Frozen and Burst Pipes

Turning off the thermostat when you leave the home can be a big mistake. Sure, you save some money on the energy bills, but you put all of the plumbing fixtures in the home at risk. The winter may have so far been pretty mild, but all you need is one icy cold winter night and suddenly you have frozen pipes. Once that frozen pipe begins to thaw, the water rushing into the pipe may cause it to burst and cause serious water damage to that particular area of the home. The worst part is that if you are out of town, there is no one there to turn off the water supply, so the mess you come home to could be a true home disaster that will cost much more to fix that the little bit of money you were trying to save by turning off the furnace in the first place.

Insulating Pipes and Setting the Thermostat

What should you do instead? At Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning we tell our customers to never set the thermostat lower than 55 degrees. At this temperature, the furnace uses as little energy as possible and is still able to keep the home safe from frozen pipes. As an added precaution, have your Four Seasons plumber out to look for vulnerable areas of the home. He can then insulate those pipes to give them a little added security while you are away. If for some reason you ever do experience a frozen and burst pipe, call Four Seasons. We offer around the clock emergency service that will help minimize the damage and get your home back into its original condition.

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