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In a matter of weeks, many of us will be receiving our tax returns from the state and from the government. With all of the programs and credits that were offered this past year, you are probably expecting a pretty hefty check. Many people may already have an idea in mind for where they plan on spending their return. Whether you plan to splurge and spend your return on the latest electronics or if you simply want to put the money away to save, both are good ideas, but Four Seasons has another suggestion that you may want to consider. How about using that money to invest in your home? Making your home more energy efficient truly will make your tax return stretch further than you could have ever imagined, and Four Seasons can help you make it happen.

Smart Green Improvements:

  • New Furnace and Air Conditioner: If the furnace and air conditioner are over ten years old, you could save big by upgrading your systems. When you have them installed by Four Seasons, our serviceman will show you exactly how you can get the most savings out of your new systems. From the high-tech programmable thermostat to the intricate operation of the new systems, you will be impressed by both the savings and the comfort created by your new heating and cooling units from Four Seasons.
  • Attic Insulation: We have said it before and we will say it again; insulating the attic is the most cost effective green friendly improvement that you can make to your home. If your attic is lacking insulating material, call Four Seasons today and will have you saving energy and money in no time at all.
  • Home Improvements: The Home Services division of Four Seasons can perform by green friendly home improvements as well as any other type of improvement you may wish to make to your home with your tax return. Our skilled professionals will help you navigate any project big and small, and if you have been waiting for this money to make some much needed repairs to your home, call Four Seasons today! Those repairs aren’t going anywhere, and now is the perfect time to finally get them out of the way.

Any green friendly improvement that you make to your home will be worth the investment. So invest in your home this tax season and trust Four Seasons to get the best in home improvement products and services that this industry has to offer.

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