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One of the hardest parts of being a service tech isn’t finding and repairing a problem, it’s telling a customer that their air conditioner can’t be fixed. I don’t remember how many times I’ve seen customers start to cry because their air conditioner or furnace just couldn’t be fixed. Unfortunately, I saw it again this week. She was a widow very late in life with medical problems.  She needed air conditioning to maintain her health and comfort. Going without one was just not an option for her.

Working Out a Solution

I sat and talked with her for a while about her options as far as financing and did what I could to get her a unit at a price she could afford. But, with the state of the economy, nothing I could do was enough to make it possible for her to purchase a new system. Luckily, at this time I also learned that she did have an adult son that lived in another state. I was able to convince her to call her son so I could talk to him about the problem with her air conditioner.

Maybe it was her pride or maybe she didn’t want to burden her son, but she was reluctant to let me talk to him. Having no other option, she handed over the phone. After explaining the situation to him I gave her back the phone. She listened for a few moments and then started to cry again. This time it was tears of joy. She explained that her son was going to buy her a new air conditioner and come down for the weekend to see her.

A Happy Ending

I can’t explain how I felt knowing she was going to be looked after by her son. I was glad I didn’t have to leave her house thinking she was alone and in a desperate situation with no way out. Dealing with situations like this are much harder than fixing a broken air conditioner, but luckily I work for a company like Four Seasons! Although we needed the assistance of her son in the end, my manager did everything in his power to reduce the price and work out financing options.

A Company that Actually Cares!

That’s not something you come across very often in the HVAC business: a company that actually cares about their customers! I am proud to be a Four Seasons service technician because I have the freedom to help people without feeling pressured to force a sale! If you want to work with a company that truly understands the difficulties facing many Americans these days, use Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning for your next furnace or air conditioner replacement. I know you will not regret it!

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