Homes that don’t heat evenly

You may be one of the thousands of homeowners who have a home that is difficult to heat.  Your bedrooms are cold, your living room is too hot and your bathroom feels like a 110° desert.

Does this sound familiar?  You’re not alone.

Homes that were built thirty years ago had very little insulation and very poor duct design.  You probably have been living with fans, electric blankets or space heaters to help keep you comfortable.

How can we correct this?  We can inspect your ductwork, check your existing furnace and look at your options.  If your furnace is newer, we can install a zone system to help direct the air to the parts of your home that need it.

A zone system opens and closes automatically in different parts of your home’s ductwork allowing you to vary the temperatures from room to room all controlled from separate thermostats in each location.  By adding a zone system you will be able to be comfortable throughout your home regardless of the seasons.

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