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We spend most of our life indoors and at home (90% of our time indoors), but yet the air inside our homes can be three to five times worse than outside.

One of the most overlooked parts of your home comfort system is the furnace filter.  Most people buy a.50¢ fiberglass filter that only traps large dust balls and then blows the other 90% of all dust particles, mold spores, pet dander and dust mites back through your home.  Have you ever walked into your home or someone’s home and said to yourself, “wow, this smells like a locker room or a pile of dirty socks?” Don’t laugh; you know you have.  This is a phenomenon known as dirty sock syndrome; where all the odors are circulated through every part of your home and through your heating and cooling duct work.  The smell is caused by fungus, mold and mildew growing inside your heating and cooling duct work.  Dirty sock syndrome can be prevented.

If you are one of the few people who have not experienced the unpleasant smell of dirty sock syndrome, I’m sure you have been exposed to other disturbing odors.  I have experienced organized sport odor that I call the locker room syndrome.  Have you ever opened up your gym bag and you want to fall over? I have and I have been to people’s homes where I wanted to do the same.  If your kids play organized sports you know the smell.

The other biggest form of odor is from pets.  Dogs, cats, and other animals, the dog bed, cat litter box, etc. are the leading cause of indoor air causing odors.

Other activities such as cooking can lead to odors that are unpleasant.  Most people choose not to cook fish at home because the smell lasts for days.  Are you a non-smoker and have you ever walked into a home and it smells like an ashtray?  I’m sure you have.

These odors are more than just unpleasant smells; they are indication of a larger problem.  Some odors can be a health threatening issue that should be addressed.  VOC are volatile organic compounds or chemicals that evaporate into harmful gas in your home.  These VOC are identified by odor and are known to cause sinus, asthma and allergy issues as well as other respiratory ailments.

Every human being likes the smell of fresh clean air.  We spend billions on air fresheners, candles, cologne, perfume, etc.  All these products do is mask the odor and do nothing to improve the quality of the air we breathe.  Does it make sense to just cover the odor or to remove it?  My simple analogy would be why take a shower, just put on more cologne or deodorant.  It’s the same thing if you don’t address your indoor air quality issues and you just keep lighting candles and spraying air freshener.  You are only covering the problems; not removing them.

By installing whole house air cleaners and UV lights you can kill these odors and remove them, leaving your home smelling fresh ad clean all year long.  You also will feel better physically and many of the issues associated with indoor air pollution will become a thing of the past.

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