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We have all heard of air pollution and we have seen some of the negative effects that it can cause upon our environment and our individual comfort. Well, there is another type of pollution that your home may be emitting and it could be disrupting the comfort of not only your family, but your neighbors as well. It is called noise pollution. The air conditioner is a major contributor to the amount of noise your home releases into the environment, and if your air conditioner is getting on in the years, you may want to consider finding ways to keep it quiet. For many the only option is replacement of the system and Four Seasons has a variety of super quiet units for you to choose from!

Is Your Noisy Air Conditioner a Nuisance?

Whether you have heard of this before or not, noise pollution is something that exists, and we are protected from it by the Environmental Protection Agency. They regulate the amount of noise that your neighborhood is exposed to, and if your home is a source of noise pollution, your neighbors can seek help to eliminate the noise. Don’t be a neighborhood nuisance! This year when you turn on your air conditioner, sit inside your home and take a listen. If you can hear your unit loud and clear, you may have a problem. You shouldn’t have to scream over the air conditioner when you are outside your home, and Four Seasons has your solution.

Quiet Replacement Air Conditioners from Four Seasons

Over the years, lack of maintenance, dirty or rusted fan blades, rattling bearings, and compressor wear and tear all contribute to a high noise level. If the unit is already pretty old, odds are if wasn’t very quiet even when the system was brand new! A new air conditioner from Four Seasons could change all of that! Our quietest air conditioner carries a sound rating of 62dB. That is a level only slightly louder than the noise created by normal conversation. With this unit, your noise level will be drastically reduced, and by keeping up with your yearly maintenance, you can keep your noise levels low. Let Four Seasons be your noise reduction expert this summer and give your ears a rest this summer!

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