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When it comes to heating and cooling systems, many of our customers are tech savvy and know loads about some of the more impressive features that come with the Lennox systems we offer. This knowledge does come in handy and could make choosing a high tech energy efficient furnace an easy decision. However, if your home is loosing energy in other areas, all of this technology could go to waste. For most homes, the biggest source of waste is old, rotted out windows. These windows must be replaced if the home is ever to become more energy efficient, and the Four Seasons Window Collection has just what you are looking for. Triple pane windows with low-e coatings and an argon filling are just as high tech as some of the furnaces we offer at Four Seasons, and we know you will be impressed by what our windows can do.

What Are Low-E Coatings?

            Plain old glass is very easy for heat to pass through. Single pane or even double pane windows will allow massive amounts of heat in during the summer and out during the winter. What you really need is a window that can keep heat out during the summer, in during the winter, all while allowing light in during the day. Is this possible? It most defiantly is when you choose your windows from the Four Seasons Window Collection. Our double low-e coated windows keep heat where it is supposed to be.

How Does Argon Make Windows More Energy Efficient?

            We don’t stop at low-e coatings when it comes to making our windows energy efficient. We take it a step further and fill the inside of the window with argon gas. What good does this do? Well, when compared to normal air, argon is less conductive to the transfer of heat. This means that in addition to the low-e coatings, heat will have yet another barrier to overcome before it can destroy the comfort or the energy efficiency of your home.

The Four Seasons Window Collection

            Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning or more specifically Four Seasons Home Services now offers high quality replacement windows fully installed by one of our window experts. These windows are beefed up to offer amazing energy efficiency to those that choose to have their old windows swapped out. If this sounds like something you want to learn a little bit more about, give Four Seasons a call today, and we can set you up with one of our specialists who can show you how new windows could be exactly what your home needs to stop wasting energy and start saving you money.

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