Melting Snow Could Cause Problems | Naperville, Markham, Maywood

After several days of various winter weather advisories, frigid temperatures, and mounds of snow, many of us are probably relieved to see that the next week’s temperatures will begin inching above freezing. However, what many of us are probably forgetting is that all of this snow is going to melt, and could pose a potential flood risk for many homes in the Chicagoland area. With the high heating costs that many of us of incurred this winter, the last thing you probably need is to replace a flood damaged furnace or boiler. So, now is the time to replace that old run-down sump pump with a new high efficiency, high powered system from Four Seasons.

Many homeowners don’t know that they have a problem with their sump pump until a flood has already begun. At this point it is too late. What you should do is test your sump pump before the warm weather hits. That way, if you find a problem, you can call Four Seasons to have it fixed before the flood waters begin. If you know your sump pump isn’t working, or if you don’t have a sump pump in your flood prone basement, call Four Seasons as soon as possible! Our expert handyman from our Home Services division can help you with your sump pump problems today. Protect your home from further blizzard damage and call Four Seasons now!

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