Never been a Better Time

Never been a Better Time to Purchase a New Furnace

If your furnace is 10 years old or older, now is the time.  Furnace incentives are the highest they have ever been.  Manufacturer rebates are $1,200 and President Obama’s stimulus package has offered a $1,500 energy tax credit on high efficient Lennox furnaces.  Don’t let this pass you by.  A new furnace comes with a warranty on all parts and labor and will reduce your gas bill by as much as 45% and improve the level of comfort in your home.  The energy tax credit is a one time credit of $1500 and it expires soon!

Don’t wait, as the economy recovers, the incentives on furnaces will expire.

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11 Responses to “Never been a Better Time”

  1. sally says:

    Can any one use the tax credit for a new furnace I rent my appt the land lord would not change the furnace so I payed for a new furnace out of my own pocket .The new furnace is 95 percent efficient and it meets the tax credit would I get to keep the cash back .Also w e live in Orland park and I went to the Orland park village hall to ask do we need a permit . Should I have asked Orland park if I need a permit or forget it .The lady from the village haul in Orland park was not very nice.

  2. Jeff V says:

    The tax stimulus code only applies to the original property owner.
    Our permit department will handle all municipality requirements so there is no need for you to pursue the issue with the town.
    Thanks again,
    Jeff V

  3. Dave Musial says:

    I would tell you to talk with a tax pro to answer that question, I would not want to give you bad info on a tax credit that large. I would pull a permit on every job, it protects you as a home owner and insures that the furnace will be installed up to code. Most of the fly by night guys around Oak Lawn, Orland Park etc etc don’t pull permits they work out of their house. I thank you for considering us for your heating and cooling needs.

  4. Super old furnace says:

    I have a furnace that is so old some people wont even work on it, I cant afford to buy a new one because I just lost my job. I have called all around town and no one works on this type of furnace. The brand is a gyro furnace, do you repair this type of furnace and will you service Oak Lawn? If the furnace can’t be repaired do you offer financing and can I make payments to your company if I don’t get approved?

  5. Flash says:

    I have a furnace that is 25 years old and our gas bill is high but not crazy, would a new furnace lower the bill and if so by how much. The 1500 dollar energy tax credit for energy star furnaces comes from Four Seasons Heating or the government? How long do I have to wait and how long does it take to replace the furnace, will I be without heat for a long time? Is the rebate on all furnace brands or only lennox furnaces?

  6. Ben says:

    I see your trucks in Orland Park all the time and I wanted to find out are you liscensed in Orland Park for furnace repair. I have had an old furnace and have lived in Orland Park for years, I want to be sure that I use a local heating and cooling company here in Orland Park. Can you provide me with custumer info from the Orland Park area that you have replaced their home heating furnace.

  7. Kent H says:

    What is the average price for a new furnace? How long does it take to install a new furnace and will my home have no heat for a long period of time? How many different models of furnaces do you carry, which has the best warranty that covers all parts and labor on the furnace? Where can I find independent reports on who makes the quietest, most reliable furnace and the over all cost to operate the furnace. Can the furnace qualify for the 1500 dollar energy tax credit? And is the furnace energy star rated, I want to only look at energy star rated furnace models. I have seen information on energy star rated products that will heat and cool my home. I have never purchased a furnace before so I want to be sure I do it correctly. Chicago is not the town that you want to live in with no heat.

  8. Gail says:

    If the furnace we have won’t heat all the bedrooms we have, could it be to small? The rooms over the garage are cold and we have a small home in Orland Park that is 20 years old. I asked some of the other people who live around Orland Park and they said that they have the same issue. Could it be that the local home builders have been installing furnaces that are to small and if so why didn’t the village of Orland Park act on this? Thanks for your help and we always recommend Four Seasons Heating.

  9. Energie T Shirt says:

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  10. ted says:

    This is a great company for furnace repair and heating and cooling I live in Orland Park and see the trucks all the time. Our furnace went out so we called Four Seasons Heating of Orland Park and the people were so nice. I had never had a bad experience with them, they are so good at furnace repair and the prices are very fair so in Orland Park be sure to call Four Seasons Heating Of Orland Park.

  11. Mark says:

    Yes we are here in Orland Park and we can repair, replace and install your new furnace we handle all heating cooling needs here in Orland Park. So if you ever need your furnace repaired in Orland Park or another area we can fix your furnace or any heating or cooling issue you have. We love working in Orland Park.