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When it comes to procuring permits for various home improvement projects, you will hear varying point of view across the board. Some people will tell you not to bother with permits and others will stress their importance above all else. Here at Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning and Home Services, we believe that getting the necessary permits for a job is our responsibility. The process is tedious and involves having a detailed understanding of the building codes in your particular town. Many homeowners find that when hiring a contractor some don’t both with permits at all and others want the homeowner to get the permits for the job on their own. In either case, homeowners need to be aware of the mess that they could be getting themselves into by hiring one of these contractors.

Permit-less Contractors

Contractors that believe permits are a waste of time do not have your best interest at heart. Permits serve as protection for homeowners and ensure that the work being performed is done properly. Whether you are going to do the project yourself or have a contractor do the job without a permit, you can get yourself in trouble when it comes to:

  • Keeping to Building Codes: The process of getting a permit involves an inspection of the work upon completion. The job must meet the requirements of your town in order to pass code. If a contractor is urging you not to get a permit, odds are he is not going to perform the job to code. That could mean big problems in the future. For example, if a furnace is not installed to code, the venting system may not be assembled correctly. The venting system is what protects you from the harmful combustion gases created by the furnace, and that is defiantly one part of the system you want installed to code!
  • Selling the Home: Many buyers want to make sure that the home they are interested in doesn’t have any major issues, and they may request copies of permits to show proof that any work done in the home was done to code. If you cannot produce this paperwork, you could either loose the sale and wait for another buyer to come along that doesn’t ask about permits, or you could spend thousands correcting the problems and paying for permits and fees involved in getting past projects certified by the city.
  • Claiming Damages on Your Homeowner’s Insurance: If you do not file permits that your city requires for home improvements that you have had performed, you could find yourself footing a very hefty bill in the case of a home disaster. For instance, a furnace that was not built to code could set fire to your home. Depending on your insurance policy, they are going to want to see proof that they unit was installed to code. When you cannot produce the paperwork, any damage the fire caused will not be covered. Why would you want to risk thousands when you could have easily protected your investment?

For these reasons stated above, Four Seasons always goes out of our way to procure the proper permits and inspections of our work. If anything is every found to be in violation of a code, we will stop at nothing to ensure that the problem is put right. Don’t waste your time with permit-less contractors and call Four Seasons instead!

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