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Summer is all but a distant memory, and many of us have already begun the process of preparing out homes for the cold months ahead. We dust off the furnace, change filters, weather-strip, and insulate, but many people neglect to protect the air conditioner. Covering the air conditioner during the winter is a smart way to keep the unit safe from falling ice and other debris, but only if the correct cover is chosen. For those who use window or wall air conditioning units, covering the air conditioner is especially important because of the potential for heat loss.

The Wrong A/C Cover

You may assume that all air conditioner covers are the same, but in reality this is far from the truth. There are hundreds of “do it yourself” websites that give various instructions on how to make your own air conditioner cover, and they may seem like a good option. However, the “do it yourself” covers and even some manufactured covers have a major design flaw that could actually damage your air conditioner instead of protect it.

When a cover is made out of a non-breathable material like tarp, moisture will collect in the air conditioner and not be able to escape. When moisture builds up in the outdoor a/c unit, it can cause premature rust of the coils and other vital components of the air conditioning unit. You need to purchase a cover that has taken this fact into account and created a way for the moisture to be vented out from underneath the cover.

When you purchase you’re air conditioning cover from Four Seasons, you don’t have to worry about this flaw. The covers that we offer will protect your unit from debris, wildlife, and ice without trapping condensation inside. Falling ice and other debris can damage the fan blades, and that repair alone can quickly become very costly. Come next summer, the air conditioner will be in better shape to begin the season if you keep it protected all winter long with the proper air conditioning cover.

Window and Wall A/C Covers

Some wall and window units can be removed and placed in storage for the winter season, but others are stuck in place. When these types of air conditioners are not covered, the wind and cold air from the outdoors can easily pour into the home through the systems vents. The problem could become so bad that it feels like there is an open window in your home all winter long.

The easy way to solve this problem is to cover both the inside and outside of the unit. On this inside, you should purchase a cover that can seal of the vents, insulate, and blend in with the homes décor. If you can find one that has a reflective panel, it will be able to reflect the heat it comes in contact with back indoors. For the exterior cover, you should not use a cover with insulating material in it. You need for the outside is a material that will prevent the wind from entering the home and seal itself to the home.

Covering the air conditioner in the winter will save you big bucks on your energy bills because you furnace will not have to make up for the heat that is lost through the window or wall air conditioner. It will also keep the unit protected from the elements and therefore, prolong the life of the unit.

If you ever have any questions regarding preparing your home for the winter or anything HVAC related, Four Seasons has a 24 hour live customer care center where you can find the answers that you are looking for. Chicago winters are crazy, and with the help of Four Seasons, you , your family, and your HVAC systems will stay protected.

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