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Over the years, we have heard some crazy stories from our technicians about what they have encountered on their service calls. You could not imagine the number of things that they have found inside air conditioners or the number of outlandish stories that you would have to have seen for yourself in order to believe. From families of squirrels to air conditioners that have been run over by cars, we had seen it all until we sent one of our servicemen to a home that had an air conditioner with a hunting arrow protruding from its side.

Damaged Beyond Repair

            The flustered call from the customer was enough to tell us that the air conditioner wasn’t working, but it was difficult to figure out much else. The customer was hot, panicked, and expecting the worst. Our serviceman arrived and sure enough, there was a large hunting arrow lodged inside the system. Upon inspection, it was found that the unit was completely void of Freon and air from the atmosphere had entered the system. During the time that the unit was loosing Freon, the condenser continued to run until about 20 or so minutes later, it burnt out. At this point the system wasn’t salvageable, and this customer needed a new unit.

Protection You Can’t Go Without!

            Neighbors can either be great friends, rivals, or a pesky nuisance. This customer’s neighbor was simply carless with where he had been aiming his arrows, but you can bet this customer was upset. Luckily, for those of us that have air conditioner that are still in one piece, there is a way to protect the unit from future harm. At Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning we can create you a custom fit air conditioner cage that will help keep out most things that can damage your air conditioner like thieves, nature’s fury, and small animals. It’s not too late to protect your air conditioner this summer! Call Four Seasons today!

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