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Thanksgiving may be over, but we are just beginning the winter season here in Chicago! The worst of it is yet to come, but we have found that many homeowners are already having big problems with their heating systems. One of the more common complaints we get are about furnaces that turn on an off every few minutes. This problem is refereed to as short cycling in the HVAC industry  The home never gets to the desired temperature because only a little bit of heat is put out of the unit when it does cycle on. The temperature on the thermostat is never met and the homeowner is left frustrated and confused. This problem could be caused by any number of issues, but Four Seasons has a solution for them all! Here are some of the most frequently found problems:

  • Dirty System: Systems that haven’t been cleaned in ages are often the source of overheating problems. A simple clean and check from Four Seasons could be enough to get the system going again.
  • Dirty Filter: Dirty filters block airflow and consequently cause the furnace to overheat as it attempts to keep up. A unit that is overheating will shut itself off as a safety mechanism but as soon as it cools off it will attempt to turn itself back on. This causes the short cycling symptoms and could be taken care of with a simple filter change.
  • Blocked Ventilation:  Debris clogging the outdoor ventilation or having too many vents closed inside the home could also cause the furnace to overheat and begin to short cycle. Try opening all of the vents and clear any debris away from the exterior ventilation that may be preventing your furnace from working properly.
  • Poorly Sized System: Furnaces that are too large for the home will also short cycle. They were built to heat a much larger square footage and needs more space to get a full cycle in before shutting down. This problem will shorten the systems lifespan and can only be cured by replacing the unit with one that is properly sized for the home.

Furnace Repair from Four Seasons Chicago

If you suspect that you have a short cycling problem in your home, call Four Seasons! We are available to your around the clock for furnace repairs and we will get to the bottom of your furnace problems before you withstand another moment’s discomfort. Furnaces are dangerous to mess with if you do not know exactly what you are doing and the only way to ensure that your system is safe to use is by having it examined by a professional like those at Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning.

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