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Going Green this Winter

“Going Green” seems like a rather daunting task. Every day we are being told to change our entire lifestyle in order to save our planet. There is nothing wrong with going green, but it would be nice if was made a little easier. Here at Four Seasons, we aren’t asking you to trade in your car for a bike or to ration your water supply. You could if you wanted to, but here we have a slightly simpler way to making a big change. All it requires is a 2 degree adjustment on your thermostat.

The Two Degree Pledge

Setting the thermostat back two degrees this winter will not only reduce your homes carbon footprint, but it will save you money too! The less your furnace or boiler has to run, the less energy you will use and the less you will pay every month on your energy bills.

Comfort Concerns?

You may worry about comfort. For most, a two degree difference isn’t even noticeable, but for those of us who are a bit more sensitive to temperature change, we have a solution. Turn on any of the ceiling fans in your home. Confused? Don’t be. As your furnace creates heat and forces it through the vents in your home, the hot air rises to ceiling first. Depending on the height of the ceilings in your home, it could be a while before you actually start feeling that warmth.

How Your Ceiling Fans can Help

If you have existing ceiling fans in your home, check them for a motor reversal switch. Changing this switch to clockwise rotation will create an updraft of air, instead of a downdraft that would be used during the hot days. When set on low, the updraft pushes the accumulated hot air and forces it down towards the ground. This type of circulation won’t create drafts or breezes inside your home, but it will create better heat circulation. By increasing the circulation of hot air, you will increase your comfort! Who knows, you may even be able to set the thermostat back further than 2 degrees! This is an easy way to “go green” without having to change your lifestyle. Give it a try today, and take a step towards more Earth friendly living.

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