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Black dust coating various surfaces in your home, high levels of carbon monoxide, and a furnace that just doesn’t seem to be providing enough heat are all symptoms of a heating system that is in serious need of maintenance. However, if your unit is in this bad of shape, you may have waited too long already. Soot buildup on your furnace filter and on the internal components of the system will choke the flames that are trying to generate heat for your home and in many cases, destroy the furnace beyond repair.

Where Does the Soot Come From?

If your heating system has been diagnosed as “clogged with soot,” you may be wondering where all of that destructive black power came from. Well there are several different conditions that can cause this problem, but when large amounts of soot are present in a furnace or boiler, it is usually the result of a combustion problem. When combustion occurs, carbon dioxide is created, but when the combustion process is interrupted or not fully completed, carbon deposits, or soot, begin to build up inside the furnace. When the problem goes unchecked, soot build up can begin to deposit on surfaces in the home and the furnace will eventually stop working all together.

This problem is usually due to lack of proper maintenance, and a good relationship with a certified HVAC contractor can ensure that your unit never goes without necessary care. Some of the basics of heating system maintenance include:

  • Monthly filter cleaning or replacement
  • Seasonal Maintenance Checks- fall furnace check-up and spring a/c cleaning
  • Duct Cleaning- If you home has experiences flooding or leaks of any kind, the duct work is a good place for mold to hide

Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning can help you manage your furnace or boiler’s maintenance around your schedule. We are available 24 hours a day to take your calls and handle your emergencies, and we also offer flexible scheduling for our yearly cleaning services on both the furnace and the air conditioner. You may worry that these are services that you simply cannot afford, but Four Seasons has made each of these services budget friendly, and we even offer discount coupons that are available both online and in many local papers. Caring for your heating system is easy when you trust Four Seasons.

What if it is too Late?

Soot accumulation is just one of the main issues that result from lack of maintenance, and it can cause other major problems to the furnace that may require replacement of the heating system. Cracks in the heat exchanger as well as rust buildup often couple the soot problem. These issues regularly result in another combustion product entering the air in the home. That combustion product is carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide poisoning can be deadly, and when you consider that prevention of this problem is so affordable, you would be crazy not to take the necessary steps to protect your family from these dangers. Cracks in the heat exchanger are a death sentence for your furnace or boiler, and replacement is your only option when you receive this diagnosis.

If your unit has already been deemed unfit for use, replacing it with a new high efficiency unit is your chance to start fresh and take care of your new system properly. When you purchase your unit from Four Seasons, we will get you on a maintenance program that will make remembering to care for the furnace easier than ever before. So whether you just need a cleaning or if you are looking to replace, Four Seasons is waiting for your call today!

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