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Source removal is the only method of air duct cleaning supported by NADCA. As a member of NADCA, Four Seasons abides by this standard of practice, but what does source removal mean for our customers? Simply put, source removal is a method of removing particles from the duct work of a home without allowing them into the homeowner’s breathing air. Seems like the logical way to remove contaminants from a home right? Well, for many unscrupulous companies, this is not a common practice. Accidentally hiring one of these companies to clean the duct in your home could actually make the air quality in your home worse rather than better.

Major Mishap

During a duct cleaning, a legitimate company like Four Seasons will seal the vents and use certain devices to agitate the particles in your duct work while a large vacuum system sucks the particles from the ducts to a collection device. If this process were not done properly, it could lead to the release of dust, pollen, mold spores, and other airborne particles into the air of the home. This would drastically raise the levels of these particulates in your breathing air, and require immediate cleaning in order to prevent any health problems.

The biggest error that illegitimate companies make is not sealing all of the vent openings before beginning a cleaning. In a recent episode of Dateline, a duct cleaning company was shown making this devastating mistake in a customer’s home. Dust and debris flew all around in the air while the “cleaning” was being performed, and caused a mess that no homeowner would want to have in their home.

NADCA Standards Should Be Your Standards

For this reason alone, you should choose only NADCA certified duct cleaning services like those offered by Four Seasons. We adhere to this and ALL of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association’s guidelines, and will clean your ducts efficiently, safely, and at the best price possible! Call today to schedule your air duct cleaning services with the pros at Four Seasons Heating and Air Conditioning.

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