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One of the more recent additions that Four Seasons has made to our long list of services is professional home energy assessments. With all of the craze surrounding the “go green” movement, we wanted to offer our customers an easier way to choose exactly which energy efficient improvements they should make in their homes, and spring is the best time to have this service performed. With the summer season ahead, every penny that we can help you pinch will matter, and saving money on your energy bills is defiantly an easy place to get started.

Perfect Weather for an Energy Assessment!

The main reason why spring is the best time to have this service performed is because of the weather. It is warm enough to run the air conditioner to check for efficiency and yet it isn’t so hot that running the furnace would be unbearable. In fact, running the air conditioner during the cold of winter could cause damage to the unit in minuets, but neglecting to check the a/c for its level of efficiency leaves a major appliance out of the energy assessment equation.

Start Saving Today!

During this season, our inspectors are able to complete a thorough examination of every aspect of your home without interrupting your comfort. With their measurements and advice you will be able to get a jump on making your home more energy efficient before the real summer heat arrives. Don’t wait until the first outrageous cooling bill arrives to start looking for ways to save money! Call Four Seasons today to schedule your spring energy assessment as soon as possible!

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